Everything You Need To Know About Using Jade

Oftentimes in the world of health and beauty, trendy fads tend to be more style than substance. Numerous tips and tricks exist, some of which are beneficial, but it takes some extreme vetting to determine what works and what's ultimately a money ploy. One of the best examples of a beauty trend that's genuinely authentic is the use of jade, both in rollers and in gua sha.

According to Buzzfeed, the practice of jade rolling originated centuries ago in China, which means you can practice this act of self-care with assurance and ease. Plus, jade is known for both its physical and mental properties, as many believe it is capable of cleansing your mind of negative thoughts in addition to its skincare benefits, per Buzzfeed. In terms of the physical benefits of using jade, you'll notice an array of improvements to the overall look and feel of your skin once you learn how to use a jade roller and or gua sha tool properly.

How to use a jade roller

If you've scrolled through Instagram recently, you've likely seen an uptick in the number of people posting about jade rollers and gua sha stones. These tools are typically used on the face and neck to aid in lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, and create tighter-looking skin, according to Healthline. For those hoping to clear their skin or look less tired and puffy, both the jade roller and the gua sha are worthwhile investments. 

Dr. Kim Peirano, a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, detailed the proper jade rolling practices for Ipsy. The first step is to apply an oil or serum of your choosing to your skin while refraining from rubbing the oil in, as the jade roller will take care of this step for you. Once you've dotted your skin with serum, Dr. Peirano says, "Start on the collarbone and gently to firmly roll from the midline of the body out to the edge of the collarbone. As you make a pass with the roller, move the roller up one step and make another line." You'll repeat this motion across your neck before advancing to your face.

When you use the jade roller on your face, remember to follow the same pattern while "rolling from the corners of the mouth with an up and outward motion toward the ears and hairline," according to Dr. Peirano. Clean your jade roller thoroughly after each use to remove any excess oil.

How to use jade in gua sha

A gua sha stone is made from jade and is solely used on the face, as opposed to the jade roller which is used on the collarbones and neck as well, per Glamour. Before you use your gua sha stone, you'll need to apply an oil or serum to your skin, just like you did with the jade roller. Sarah Y. Wu detailed the process of gua sha for Glamour and said that "I scraped the tool across and down my face (hitting the jawline, cheeks, and forehead), and switch to a zigzag motion on my smile lines and around my mouth."

This is one of the most common ways to use a jade gua sha stone, which provides similar benefits to the roller in that it aids in lymphatic drainage, clears your complexion, and improves your circulation. Many people like to pair usage of the jade roller and gua sha stone together during their morning and evening skincare routines, but you can determine the right time and frequency of use once you've gotten the hang of these tools.