Alone Season 9: Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

If you've often found yourself muttering, "I could do that," during episodes of "Survivor" or "Naked and Afraid," you'll likely feel quite differently about the reality survival show "Alone." During each season of the show, contestants face off with one another to see who can survive the longest in total isolation in remote locations like British Columbia, Patagonia, Argentina, and Northern Mongolia, according to Distractify. To survive, the contestants must hunt for food, build a shelter that can withstand the harsh elements, and fend off larger predators, like cougars and bears, according to the History Channel. Those who survive the elements longer than their fellow contestants earn a cash prize of $500,000. There is no camera crew following the contestants around — instead, contestants carry around a handheld camera to document their journeys. When a contestant has had enough, they simply tap out by calling a crew to come and retrieve them.


Since premiering in 2015, "Alone" has gained a few loyal celebrity fans, including Rachel Brosnahan, who spoke about the magical message of the show during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I mean, it's incredible survivalists just making it out in the wild," Brosnahan said during an appearance at a virtual Emmy Awards pre-show on E!, according to People Magazine. "It's completely insane, but inspiring to watch people have such a deep connection to the land. And I think at a time when we're all like, 'Should we move into the boonies and learn how to live that way,' it's been inspiring."

Ahead, we divulge a few details about the ninth season of "Alone."

When will the ninth season of Alone premiere on the History Channel?

The eighth season of "Alone" premiered in June and concluded in August, according to The Cinemaholic. Given that the last season just concluded earlier this month, it makes sense that the History Channel has yet to announce if fans can expect a ninth season to drop at some point in the near future. A clue that might suggest that another season is in the works is the fact that it appears as though the History Channel is currently encouraging people to apply to be on the ninth season of the show.


In the meantime, those who have yet to watch "Alone" can do so by signing in with their television provider on the History Channel's website. All eight seasons of the show are available on the History Channel's website. The first seven seasons of the show are available to stream on Hulu, while the seventh season only is available to stream on Netflix.

Who will appear in the ninth season of the show?

At this point, no plans have been announced regarding the roster of cast members expected to appear in the ninth season of "Alone." Each season of the show features ten cast members who are professional and amateur survival experts, outdoorsmen, hunters, and others who generally have an in-depth knowledge of how to survive the elements on their own. Prior to appearing on the show, 20 "Alone" hopefuls attend a boot camp hosted by survival experts that guide them through various tasks and tests to evaluate their survival skills, according to Screen Rant.


The eighth season of the show witnessed four finalists — Rose Anna Moore, Colter Barnes, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, and Biko Wright — tapping out due to severe malnutrition, frostbite, and other medical issues due to the extreme weather and conditions, per The Cinemaholic. The season's winner, Clay Hayes, ended up surviving a whopping 74 days in the Canadian wilderness before he won the grand prize.

Have any details about the ninth season of the show been released?

Unfortunately, no details have been released about the ninth season of "Alone." If the previous seasons of the show are any indication, it's likely that the ninth season will include 10 contestants who brave a remote wilderness to construct a shelter, trap and kill animals for food, and maintain their sanity for up to 100 days. A moment from the show that likely still stands out to fans is when season six contestant Jordan Jonas builds an elaborate alarm system to keep pesky wolverines away from his stores of food. In the middle of the night, a wolf came back to check out his food stores and Jonas sprang into action, infamously killing the wolverine with a thrown ax and eating it, per Entertainment Weekly.


Yet another infamous moment from the show is during its eighth season when the winner, Clay Hayes, was charged by a bear. "Even when the bear charged me, I wasn't scared," Hayes told Entertainment Weekly. "That kind of surprised me. Like when you're in a major car crash or something and you get the shakes, that adrenaline dump. But that never happened to me with the bear. I just thought it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen."