Function Of Beauty Vs Aura: Which One Is Better For Your Hair?

The world of hair care is much larger than it appears, and it can be challenging to differentiate between products and brands. Which products and/or brands are the healthiest for your hair and scalp? Which are environmentally friendly? There are certain ingredients to know such as ones that give you smooth hair, and then there's hair trends, which are making a huge comeback in 2021.

Many hair care products are mass-produced, and it becomes hard to find products that are exactly right for you when there is no customization. This is why brands like Function of Beauty and Aura have emerged. These companies help you make products that are customized to your hair needs, which, in theory, should give you the best possible results. But what are the major differences between these two brands, and which one's products are actually better for your hair?

As explained by Business Insider, companies like Function of Beauty operate by giving consumers a quiz to see what type of hair they have and what aspects they want to work on (whether strength, oiliness, etc.). Then, based on their quiz results, the brand formulates their shampoo to fit the customer's specific needs. Plus, the consumer gets to customize fun aspects like the shampoo's scent, color, and name, too. While this seems like a universal approach in which brands' results wouldn't differ much, their base formulas that they customize can vary greatly, leading to widely different results. So the question is then begged — between Aura and Function of Beauty, which is better?

The differences between these two brands aren't as big as you'd think

While personalized hair care services like Function of Beauty and Aura have similar prescription methods (their quizzes and hair goal plans, respectively), they do have some differences in their overall services. According to Fin vs Fin, Function of Beauty offers a wider variety of products that includes leave-in products and hair serums, while Aura offers the basics along with some color treatment products.

Moreover, their ingredients are slightly different. Aura's ingredients are "results-driven," while Function of Beauty's are "clean, science-backed ingredients sourced and tested to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy." Aura's ingredients include tea tree oil, murumuru butter, chia seed oil, and more, while Function of Beauty is more concerned with not including ingredients known to harm hair. There are 40 ingredients they refuse to utilize, including boric acid, oxybenzone, acrylic acid, and so many more (via Function of Beauty).

Both brands are cruelty-free, vegan, and don't include sulfates in their formulas (via What Brand Review). Furthermore, Aura uses recycled materials, and Function of Beauty uses sustainable methods of production. They also both offer a 30-day return policy and are similarly priced, with Aura costing $28 per bottle and Function of Beauty's products starting at $29.

Ultimately, the two brands are very similar, and the differences are rather nitpicky and, well, based on what you personally prefer. It comes down to Aura including ingredients known to help hair and Function of Beauty actively working to exclude harmful ingredients. You ultimately must choose which of these two ideologies is best for you.