Everything You Need To Know About Using Azurite

If you're new to crystal healing, chances are you're overwhelmed. There are chakras to balance, intentions to set, and crystals to pick. And while you can learn about the seven chakras fairly quickly, there are as many shades of crystals as lipglosses in a Sephora aisle to choose from. Unfortunately, you can't take energy off with a makeup wipe if you pick a crystal that doesn't work for you.

Luckily, azurite is a stone that stands out and can be recognized easily. For one, it's azure and looks more textured than its other blue counterparts like lapis lazuli. This deep blue crystal is extracted from many corners of the globe (from Australia and the U.S. to Morocco and Zambia), however, it's also referred to as the "stone of heaven" for its magical healing properties (via Conscious Items). If you've decided to bring one home and want to know more about channeling it into your life, keep scrolling.

Azurite is often blended with malachite

The chakra system corresponds to different colors; the heart chakra synchronizes with green stones, the root chakra takes the form of red, and the throat chakra, blue. 

As a deeply blue indigo stone, azurite mainly helps with healing the throat chakra as well as opening the third eye chakra (via Conscious Items). Physically, this means that the stone helps with upper back problems or persisting asthma. The stone also helps with reducing anxiety and giving you a sense of direction, per Conscious Items. According to the founders of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, placing azurite in your workspace can help you channel that energy and stay focused.

However, it is important to note that azurite is a very sensitive stone that's prone to cracking if you don't take care of it. Keeping it out of bright light and using dry methods to cleanse the stone — like incense and moonlight cleansing — will prolong the stone's life, per Conscious Items. This is also why azurite is usually blended with green Malachite to make durable jewelry (via Fire Mountain Gems). 

The combination of dark blue and swirls of green can help with healing your throat as well as your heart chakra, all the while sitting pretty on your wrist. After bringing azurite and malachite home, check out crystals to balance your crown chakra and solar plexus.