What Crystals To Use If You're Healing Your Crown Chakra

What exactly are chakras? You've probably heard your yoga instructor tell you that a certain pose can activate your heart chakra or open up your root chakra. While you understand it's part of your physical body, chakras are so much more than that. According to Healthline, chakras are "energy centers in your body." There are seven in total that begin at your root and travel up your spine to the crown of your head. 

Your crown chakra is also known as your "bridge to the cosmos," according to Be My Travel Muse. Since it's located at the top of your head, it's most associated with "enlightenment" and "wisdom." By focusing on your crown chakra, you can really get in touch with the universe. It also has the potential to put you in "spiritual ecstasy," according to Chakras.info. Sometimes, you need to heal your crown chakra in order to get out of a funk. If you're currently feeling uninspired or uncoordinated, you may need a few crystals to balance out your crown chakra once again. 

Purple crystals like amethyst and lepidolite are most associated with the crown chakra

Similar to chakras having an energy to them, crystals also have a "cosmic energy," according to Tiny Rituals. Each crystal has a different molecular composition that gives off a "particular vibration and frequency," according to Times of India, which can be used to help heal certain areas of your body. Since you may be feeling a blockage in your crown chakra, you need crystals that specifically work for that area. 

Gemstagram and Tiny Rituals both suggest you use amethyst when healing your crown chakra — not only because of its purple hue, but because it's known as the "Stone of Spirituality." It has calming abilities that can ease your mind. Another great crystal for cleansing is selenite, which is often used to charge other crystals but can be used to also get rid of any negative energy you have (via Cape Cod Crystals). Since purple is associated with the crown chakra, according to Colors Explained, lepidolite is another great crystal to consider. Not only is it a purple stone that matches the crown chakra color, but it has the ability to "stimulate positive coincidence." It can really help you think more clearly, while also calming you down.