The Fabric Trend That You Need To Embrace This Year

Trends make the world go around, or that's at least what the internet believes. Fashion trends change every season, and countless nail trends pop up online all the time. There are even niche trends. In addition to greater fashion trends, for example, there are trends specific to denim and other materials. The same applies to decorating your home, including which fabrics can make your home not only on-trend, but also cute and perfectly yourself (after all, if you're not adapting trends to your own lifestyle and making them your own, you're not doing trends right).

In 2021, several home design trends are emerging simultaneously. According to Homes & Gardens, these trends include maximalist decorating, combining checks and patterns, going bold with a primary color palette, and elevated cottagecore aesthetics. These are all emerging after people have been indoors for a long time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. People want fresh takes on their home after being in them for so long, and to accomplish this, people are employing bold colors, natural themes, and more to keep their spaces fresh.

This is also the reason people are gravitating toward one particular style of fabric.

This fabric trend is not only cute, but also practical

The ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting home design choices in important ways. When it comes to fabrics, you'll want to reach for durable fabrics more than ever. According to Good Housekeeping, this is because they're easier to maintain while being at home more. "Fabrics that are durable, wear well, and can be washed multiple times (linens and slipcovers, for instance) will be more important as we spend more time at home for work and learning," Holly Waterfield, of the Jackson Home Company, told Good Housekeeping.

Now, you may be wondering which fabrics are the best for this purpose. According to Yanantin, the best durable fabrics include linen, hemp, rayon, alpaca wool, and silk, though other fabrics are just as durable, including mohair and angora wool. These types of fibers are great not only for home design, but also for clothing. They're also great for the environment because they last longer, meaning you can purchase fabric less often.

"If we would all start buying less clothes a whole lot of environmental problems would decrease," Yanantin explained. On linen, they explain, "Linen fabrics last an incredibly long time, as linen is made of the bast of the flax-plant. It is super strong and durable and linen garments won't easily get ugly, old or worn." These options are also all great because fibers like linen and silk are great for warmer weather, while alpaca wool is great for cooler weather. There is truly a durable fabric for every season.