Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Who Her Fashion Icon Is

Millie Bobby Brown is a rising style icon. If she isn't trending for her two-time Emmy-nominated role as Eleven in "Stranger Things," then she's making waves with her stunning red carpet looks and edgy street style (via Emmys). One look at Elle's portfolio of Brown's greatest fashion moments will have you agreeing that she is one of the trendiest stars in Hollywood.

The glamorous dresses and effortlessly paired accessories in Millie Bobby Brown's personal style are also an extension of who she is. Per Marie Claire, her 2020 collaboration with jewelry line Pandora Me even incorporated some of her most cherished summer memories. She partnered with the brand again, a year later, and in a June 2021 interview with Fashion Magazine, the actress got candid about her accessory style. "I love to accessorize with jewelry," she explained. "I also love pieces that hold meaning or remind you of a special person or time in your life. I'm obsessed with the Pandora Me earrings; hoops are my go-to. Adding charms makes them feel so personal."

The level of thought she puts into her accessories is just a snippet of how serious she is about her fashion game. When you look at who her fashion icons are, it all comes together.

Zendaya is one of Millie Bobby Brown's fashion icons

Millie Bobby Brown's fashion is influenced by both classic and modern style icons. In June 2021, the "Enola Holmes" actress told Cosmopolitan UK that she draws fashion inspiration from Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn and "Euphoria" star Zendaya. "I don't know that I have a favorite — I will always reference Audrey Hepburn as someone who just exudes elegance and style," she explained. "That being said, I also think Zendaya makes really interesting fashion choices and always looks amazing!"

Brown's red carpet looks over the years make her a style icon in her own right. The "Godzilla Vs. Kong" actress has been a chameleon since jumping onto the scene, per Seventeen, and consistently incorporates glamorous pieces from different eras into her wardrobe. Her bold choices on the red carpet always land, like the sleek Rosie Assoulin asymmetrical jumpsuit she wore to the 2018 MTV VMAs (via PopSugar). 

Brown commented on her style evolution, and shared with Cosmopolitan UK that she never sticks to one look. "Style is constantly evolving, and my personal style is no exception," she explained. "That's the beauty of fashion. Since I was a young girl, my style has ranged from boho chic to glamorous sparkles to comfy sweats and back again." It's all about where her inspiration is coming from.