If You're A Taurus, Ask These Questions On The First Date

Ah, the ever-confusing first date. Whether your co-worker is setting you up with their boyfriend's cousin, or you met someone cute at a gas station (hey, it can happen), or you connected on a dating app, it's undeniable that first dates are tricky. Texting-chemistry doesn't always translate to physical sparks, and sometimes sitting across from someone over margaritas and guacamole feels a bit awkward. Even worse, sometimes first dates are filled with fireworks — only to find out months down the road that there is zero long-term compatibility between you. While your first meet-up should always be casual, spur-of-the-moment, and intuitive, there are certain questions you should ask to make sure you want to invest time in a possible relationship.

Sure, asking about weekend activities, friends, and their work life is crucial -– but deeper questions will allow you to uncover hidden potential (or none at all). That's where astrology comes in: since your sun sign "describes your basic nature and the personality traits that remain constant through the ups and downs of life" (via Live About), using your zodiac sign to ask the right questions will help you gauge long-term compatibility and connection. Your sun sign is all about the places you feel most "vital or powerful in life," and can be used to make sure you can feel strong together if you grow as a couple. Here are the most important questions a Taurus should ask on the first date –- whether at a bar or dining under the stars.

Are they up for tons of at-home cooking like a Taurus?

Tauruses love to create. And if that process involves cooking fresh vegetables, healthy grains, and herbs pulled directly from the soil, they're in paradise. As per Allure, bull signs adore being enveloped by "soothing aromas, and succulent flavors," making them the most natural chefs of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by Venus, but much different than their planetary-sister Libra, Tauruses don't love going out to dinner. Instead of finding pleasure in five-star luxury, bull signs like to roll up their sleeves and make something beautiful themselves -– especially a perfect meal.

Since "epicurean Taureans" find "comfort and luxury" in cooking (via Allure), especially with a partner, it's important to ask your date how they feel about putting on an apron and making dinner with you. You are "the most sensual" sign of the astrological wheel and need someone who will get just as excited about making ricotta raviolis from scratch or simmering a hearty beef stew. Even if your date is intimidated by the kitchen, gauging how interested they are in putting themselves out there and trying something new is crucial. Tauruses are natural adventurers, and will be most compatible with a partner who will enjoy "gardening, cooking," and "working with [their] hands" (via Astrology Zodiac Signs) as much as they do. Since bull signs consider "touch and taste the most important of all senses," being able to have fun chopping some veggies and minding the stove together may be a dealbreaker.

If they share a Taurus sign's hardworking mentality

Now, the trickier questions. It's no secret Tauruses have a spiritual connection to nature and feel happiest when picking fresh wildflowers. But while they love to look at the clouds and bask in sunlight, these earth signs live firmly in reality. Just like fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, Tauruses are quite money-minded, and find happiness in security and routine (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Yes, bull signs might be the rebellious younger sibling of the three, but they are still rooted in the real world and in materialism.

While a first meet-up should be more about figuring out tastes in wine, movies, and books, thinking about whether your date is frugal or downright lavish is important, too. Tauruses "know the value of a dollar" and aren't afraid to "roll up their sleeves and work hard to earn big rewards" (via Allure). While bull signs love to get messy with finger paints on their downtime, they're still known to play "the long game" in their professional lives, and so they work harder than anyone else. Their "ambitious, focused, and resilient" tendencies mean they prize stability, and Tauruses can be "overprotective, conservative," and they place serious value on wealth (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). While you're not likely to get to the nitty-gritty so soon, figuring out your date's thoughts on spending is important, especially because you feel "most secure when steadily putting money into a savings account" (via Allure). Wall Street is symbolized by a bull for a reason!

Are they willing to immerse themselves in nature with you?

While money is important for bull signs, nothing beats the natural world. Tauruses feel their heart beat faster when staring out at a jaw-dropping sunset, lying out on a white-sand beach, immersing themselves in the deep-blue ocean, or traversing unknown terrain. These earth signs live for a connection to the universe at large, and it's no wonder Tauruses need a partner that feels the same way about Mother Nature.

Whether you're sharing a bottle of pinot grigio, taking a first-time painting class, or just meeting up for coffee, don't forget to ask your date questions about their relationship to nature. As described by Allure, just like the calm, noble bull, Tauruses "enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments, surrounded by soft sounds." While you may have fun with a date who prefers shopping malls over mountains, and car rides over biking trails, you should keep in mind what will give you a sense of satisfaction down the line. Taureans strengthen their connection to someone while submerged in natural elements, so asking if they enjoy hiking, being active, and getting a feel of the world around them is paramount.

Tauruses have a "tender nature" and "feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty" (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), ever-appreciative of the outside world. If the first date goes well, try a walk, beach day, or park meet-up for the second date –- the connection might deepen more than you ever imagined.

A Taurus should ask a date if they like to get creative

Few zodiac signs can compare to a Taurus' creative side. Sure, Pisces will always have their poetry and soothing music, and Libras will style a fashion-forward outfit like there's no tomorrow, but bull signs' creativity knows no bounds. Forget about paint -– Tauruses will use recycled materials, natural elements, and found objects to create an art installation you never saw coming. While a Leo or Capricorn will love shopping for the perfect cozy sweater come fall, a Taurus sees their desire as a challenge to learn how to knit their dream cardigan. One of the most multifaceted astrological signs, Tauruses can manage your finances, cook a mean risotto, and make art worthy of hanging in a Parisian museum.

Just like it's important for you to find a partner that enjoys healthy cooking and saving money, Tauruses need someone who's willing to get a bit crazy sometimes –- at least when it comes to freeing their mind. Bull signs need stability, but they also need someone that's receptive, adventurous, and who gets excited about making a ceramic vase or throwing paint together on a life-size canvas. While Tauruses are dependable, they're also known to "go all in" when they enjoy an activity –- and need someone who's just as passionate as they are (via Co-Star Astrology). Since people born under this sign make such good musicians and artists (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), asking your date about their creative interests will ensure you feel excited about your possible relationship every day.

Are they looking for stability and steadfastness?

Lastly, bull signs are the most stable, straightforward, and grounded of the entire zodiac family -– just like their "cosmic oxen" symbol (via Allure), they will sit down on a patch of grass where they feel most comfortable and stay there for a long time. As per Co-Star Astrology, Tauruses are "the human equivalent of moss," slowly growing and finding comfort in a place they long-decided to settle into forever. Bull signs are usually "satisfied with the way things are," "embody stability," and will serve as "an oasis of calm" and "a rock of dependability." While these traits might seem like heaven on earth for some people, your date might love constant change -– creating issues in the future for both of you.

A Taurus enjoys short-lived adventure, whether that's a tropical vacation staying in hostels city to city, or going out for a walk through unexplored forest terrain. But when it comes to big life decisions, they enjoy things staying the same -– they will always believe, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." This sign loves "routine and they're committed to their own comfort" (via Co-star Astrology), even if their partner desires an across-the-world move or a shift in pace. Gauging your date's personality is crucial: are they looking for someone who will stand steady next to them, always ready for couch-cuddling and at-home dinners? Not everyone will feel satisfied in their day-to-day with Tauruses' love of predictability and consistency, but others will absolutely live for it.