Do Face Slimming Masks Actually Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

Although all face shapes are beautiful, many people want to do something about their perceived double chin. Sharp, slim, "v-shaped" jaw lines have been all the rage lately — the trend taking a distinct hold in Korea — and the look is considered the ideal beauty standard. "A shaped jawline is not only desirable for Korean women, but for all women of a certain age," celebrity makeup artist Natalie Franz told Byrdie, who has worked with Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Since many people cannot afford invasive plastic surgery but are looking for more subtle results, they're looking for other options to turn to. That's where face slimming masks come in. These products are somewhat like chin straps, and they are meant to shape, tighten, and contour the lower face without surgery. Do these masks sound too good to be true? Do they really work? Keep reading to find out if you want a lifted lower face.

Face slimming mask are a short term solution for double chins

Face slimming masks typically include firming and anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine, niacinamide, and more. To apply, loop the mask around your ears to a clean, dry face for about 20 to 30 minutes. Overall, these masks work by "sucking in" your face and stimulating blood flow, and can be worn every day.

And although these masks can tighten and improve your profile, these results are only temporary, and last about a day or so. While they certainly make a visible difference, the change is subtle and certainly not a replacement for plastic surgery. "Although they don't always have dramatic results, they may subtly address skin concerns in the area around the lower face, jawline, and neck, which are oftentimes neglected in most skincare regimens," dermatologist Rachel Nazarian told Byrdie.

Therefore, in order to get long lasting (yet subtle) results, these masks need to be used consistently and religiously, so be sure not to neglect them during your daily routine if you want that (somewhat) snatched look.