Everything You Need To Know About Using Red Calcite

Red calcite is, according to Feel Crystals, a semi-precious stone that can be used to help increase energy and willingness to enjoy life experiences. This stone has grounding properties and is said to offer protection for energetic and emotional limits, with the ability to alleviate the feeling of being "spaced out."

Red calcite is often referred to as a good stone for women to use, as it is believed to have properties that allow it to help balance hormones. This stone is also known as being a useful tool for helping women to prepare their minds and bodies for pregnancy and childbirth.

Per the outlet, the word "calcite" stems from the Greek word "chalix," which translates to "lime." Available in a wide range of colors, including red, orange, pink, green, clear, and black, it is one of the world's most common minerals and is the basis for both limestone and marble. Formed from a variety of geological environments, calcite has a wide number of uses.

How can red calcite be used?

As per Crystals and Jewelry, red calcite is known for safeguarding boundaries, including physical, emotional and energetic boundaries. It's a stone that is known for being grounding and offering protection. It may also help to alleviate feelings of confusion and restlessness. 

This semi-precious stone can also help to prevent you from overextending yourself and over using your energy. It can also act as a cleanser of different energy types, such as negative energy. Red calcite can be used to help open and activate the base chakra, which can be used to boost energy and offer vitality. It can also help to provide sensual stimulation and a greater level of appreciation for your physical experiences and feelings. If you are feeling a lack of motivation, red calcite can be used to help restore motivation and speed up the progress and development that you achieve.

This crystal can also be used to absorb any unwanted energies, returning them to where they initially came from.