If You're An Leo, Do This Workout Routine

Leos, why not take this opportunity to try a new workout or two? Leos are known for their fiery personalities and, truthfully, love for attention, and astrology experts are here to recommend the perfect workout routines and target areas to keep ourselves healthy.

According to Astrology Zone, Leos rule the heart, the back, and the spine. A fan of workout classes due to their social agendas, Leos are not hard to spot in a class. Usually at the front, Leos will "rule" their space, using up every inch of it while having a blast (via The Talko).

Given that they're ruled by the sun, outside activities are also a nice addition to a Leo's workout regimen. Whether it be beach volleyball, a pickup game of basketball, or a dance-cardio class, soak up the sun while you can.

But not all workout classes are suited for the fiery lions. Beyond classes, what are some good workout routines for Leos?

It's your time to shine

As the social butterflies Leos tend to be, working out in a gym or a workout class are the perfect option to combine your passion for interacting with others and keeping yourself looking good. Join all the spinning, kickboxing and even basketball classes your heart desires (via SunSigns).

Team sports are also a good option if you want something a bit more organized! Join club soccer or volleyball and get ready to showcase your athletic skill to get the affirmation and compliments you deserve (via PopSugar). Outdoor sports are also a great option to combine your social and athletic skills with your passion for the sun. While the winter blues do hit you harder than most, opt for warmer winter sports such as biking or horseback riding (via Astrology Zone).

Don't forget to get your daily dose of sunshine through a walk outside. If you want to try something new, go for the "hot girl walk," TikTok's hottest summer trend. Headphones in and power playlist on, only three things can be in your mind while "hot girl walking" — things you're grateful for, things you want to achieve, and how hot you are (via Vice). Add some power with matching workout sets and Bala weighted bangs and you're set for your main character moment.

Release your emotions

For those days that you just have too much pent up energy or anger, Leos thrive in combat and contact sports. Kickboxing and Muay Thai allow you to get all your feelings out while also letting yourself shine (via PopSugar).

For those who can't join a class, fitness YouTuber and influencer Blogilates kindly put together a workout routine just for Leos that you can do straight from your home. Skyrocketing your heart rate, this routine will make you melt fat like there's no tomorrow (via Blogilates).

If fighting isn't really your thing, try lifting weights. The power and strength you'll build through weight training will give you the confidence and strength you need to be the best at all other workouts (via PopSugar). Whether you start with a short 10-20 minute body weight routine and then move up to heavier weights, or simply introduce weighted arm and ankle weights into your regular routine, they'll for sure add an umph to your routine.

A combination of it all

Though your curiosity can peak quickly, Leos are susceptible to burnout as their enthusiasm cannot be sustained. Avoid the rapid love-to-hate changes in a sport by filling your routine with cross training so you're always doing something you love (via Astrology Zone).

To keep your muscles not only strong but also flexible, try power yoga (via SunSigns). This will not only tone and sculpt your muscles, but also maintain your agility and support your spine and back, areas Leos must strengthen. Rock climbing is also a good option for back strengthening and support. With Leos' bravery and ambition, conquering the top of the wall will not only be a great achievement but also a great workout (via The Talko).

Combine your love for music with cardio to keep your heart healthy and sign up for salsa classes! Or simply opt for going out dancing during the weekends — hit up a salsa club or techno rave to feel like the star in the movie of your life. Who said you can't have fun while exercising?