How Often Should You Really Be Booking Sugaring Appointments?

If you're not a fan of shaving, and the thought of hot wax being drizzled on your skin only to dry and be ripped off isn't your idea of a delightful afternoon, there is a middle man to consider. Enter sugar waxing. Though oftentimes referred to as a type of waxing, it is a much gentler method to remove unwanted hair on your body. 

"Sugaring is all-natural, which is great for folks who may have allergies to certain ingredients or just want only natural ingredients on their body," Shobha Tummala, the founder and CEO of Shobha, a full-service hair removal salon in NYC, told Byrdie. She added, "Sugaring is also a lot less sticky than traditional wax, so usually the redness and irritation that a lot of people see with wax will not be seen with sugaring."

We're all about gentle and natural methods when it comes to hair removal. But how often are we going to have to put a sugaring appointment in our calendars? Read on to find out. 

Sugaring can be a monthly commitment

No one's hair growth and hair follicles are identical. So, a person's waxing or sugaring schedule really depends on how fast the hair grows — and how long they can withstand a little stubble. On average, the results from your sugaring appointment will last around three weeks, per Healthline. An added bonus is that the more often you go, the slower and thinner the hair being removed should grow back. 

Plus, according to Enrique Ramirez, a wax expert, esthetician, and the founder of Face to Face spa in NYC, sugaring won't turn the skin red and irritated like waxing often does. "I personally prefer sugaring, as results last longer and it's less redness left afterward," she shared with Byrdie.

If your budget, schedule, or desire to have more DIY in your life is stopping you from getting to the salon every three weeks, then you're in luck. The mixture used for sugaring is easy to make, easy to apply, and easy to clean up, so you can do it all by yourself at home.  Without having to schedule an appointment, you can try sugaring whenever the mood — or stubble — strikes.