Your Double Chin May Not Be Caused By What You Think

If you have a double chin, chances are you think it's genetic or the result of gaining a few extra pounds (via Medical News Today). Typically, a double chin is an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin, and it can worsen when you get older due to a loss of skin elasticity, making the whole area sag. Even a poor posture could exacerbate the look of a double chin by weakening the muscles. In some instances, losing weight, double chin exercises, correcting posture, or applying specialized skin treatments could help reduce the appearance of this fuller area under your face.

However, it's possible that your double chin isn't caused by any of these things, and the actual cause could leave you surprised. A shocking TikTok video shows something you might not expect (via Hot 99.5). Read on to find out if the fullness at the bottom of your face might be caused by another culprit other than excess fat.

Here's how one TikToker removed congestion that caused her double chin

Nearly 5 million TikTok users hit the like button on this double chin removal video on TikTok from user @julialadd_. In the 45 second video, which wracked up over 22 million views on the popular social media platform, she revealed that sometimes a double chin is caused by congestion and not fat. The TikToker started the video with a slight puffiness under her chin, and in the clip, she firmly grabbed the excess area and firmly pushed it toward one ear and down her neck. Then, she did the same thing on the other side, and her chin looked noticeably less full. The TikToker also said she felt the congestion running down the back of her throat as she pushed it out. 

What she showed was draining her lymph nodes. According to Healthline, lymphatic drainage can help make your face less puffy. Certified lymphedema therapist Lisa Levitt Gainsley explained. "Lymphatic drainage treatments accelerate the absorption and transportation of lymphatic fluids which contain toxins, bacteria, viruses, and proteins." 

Sometimes if those fluids build up in the lymph nodes under your chin, it can look like a double chin, and draining them will help reduce the puffy appearance. However, check with your doctor before you do it yourself, especially if you have a high risk of blood clots, congestive heart failure, an active lymphatic infection, or swelling with no known cause.