Here's What You Should Be For Halloween If You're A Virgo

If your birthday falls between August 23 and September 22, you're a Virgo! According to Co-Star Astrology, you are a perfectionist and a clean freak who pays close attention to details. Virgos are intelligent and introverted and love to feel like they're being useful. Whether that is in their daily routine or within their friendships, usefulness is something that Virgos feel strongly about.

Virgos make great friends because they are reliable and fun (via Cosmopolitan). While they can sometimes come off as uptight and critical, it comes from a good place. Virgos are constantly looking out for the people that they love. After all, they only want what is best for their friends!

If you are a Virgo and trying to put together a costume for Halloween, you might be feeling stuck and overthinking your options. Look no further than your zodiac sign for some guidance on what to dress up as for October's spooky festivities.

Virgos should dress up as a celebrity or famous character for Halloween

Coming up with a creative Halloween costume can be tricky. Maybe it seemed easier when you were a kid and simply told your parents what you wanted to dress up as. But according to Reader's Digest, looking at your astrological sign can be helpful when it comes to picking the perfect costume.

Your costume is a personal decision, and what you choose depends on what vibe you are going for. If you are looking to try out your celebrity impersonating skills this year, Livingly suggests Virgos dress up as the queen bee – Beyoncé. Since she is a Virgo herself, you can channel that energy when putting your costume together.

If living up to the standard Beyoncé has set seems overwhelming, have no fear. PopSugar recommends picking a famous overachiever to dress up as this year. Some ideas of that could be Princess Aurora of "Sleeping Beauty" fame, Hermione Granger from "Harry Potter," or the very strong and capable Lara Croft. Whatever you choose, with your meticulous attention to detail, your Halloween costume is sure to be a winner.