Which Floribama Shore Cast Member Has The Most Instagram Followers?

Hoping to recreate the magic of "The Jersey Shore," MTV launched the spin-off series "Floribama Shore" in 2017 (via USA Today). The reality show follows a group of twenty-somethings living in the Florida Panhandle. The cast has filled their summers with partying, hook-ups, and fistfights for the past four seasons. With season five right around the corner, the crew is gearing up for their return to the big screen. Luckily, fans can expect all eight original cast members to make the voyage to the series' new location of Athens, GA to stir up some new drama (via Meaww).

Considering "Floribama Shore" is such a popular series and reality stars have a longstanding tradition of becoming social media famous, it's no surprise that the cast has a large following (via Screen Rant). Aside from resident gym rat Gus Smyrnios, who was banned from Instagram, each member of the cast has hundreds of thousands of followers. While most of the group's following hovers in the 300,000 to 400,000 range, one particular star's Instagram following is near one million.

Nilsa Prowant has won the Floribama Shore fans' favor

Nilsa Prowant is one of the most beloved members of the MTV hit reality series "Floribama Shore." One of her most compelling characteristics is her honesty. Since embarking on her journey to becoming a mother, Prowant has encountered many roadblocks. Instead of keeping her more painful experiences private, she decided to open up to her fans about her pregnancy-related health condition, polyhydramnios, which means there is too much amniotic fluid around the baby in the uterus (via People). She's also been open with fans about her postpartum depression, which is something many people experience but little talk about (via Instagram).

Luckily for Prowant's 896,000 Instagram followers, the mother provides updates on her status and adorable photos of her firstborn Gray Allen. Prowant also shares snaps of her stylish outfits and amazing makeup skills. Her feed is full of uplifting content and is worth a peek if you aren't already following Prowant.