Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant: Which Should You Use?

Finding the right under-arm product is complicated. There are tons of different brands and options on the market, and you have to try quite a few to get it right. The first step is figuring out if an antiperspirant or deodorant is right for you. You've probably heard both of the words before, but the two actually describe two different aspects of under-arm care. The two words are not used interchangeably, but they can be used together. Hang in there, because knowing the difference is simpler than you might think.

One walk down the grocery store deodorant aisle is enough to overwhelm anyone. If you're looking to find the perfect match for you, it's all about breaking down the antiperspirants from the deodorants. According to Insider, one is for stopping the smell, while the other is for stopping the actual sweat. Once you learn the difference between the two, you'll be on your way to finding the right product for you. In fact, you might even want both to double-duty through your day.

Antiperspirant will reduce underarm wetness

If you find sweat stains in the underarms of your shirts after a workday or a nerve-wrecking meeting, antiperspirant might be the one for you. According to Insider, antiperspirants actually block the sweat glands to make you physically sweat less. Of course, an antiperspirant won't make your body completely stop producing sweat, but it's a good start to keep your underarms a bit more dry throughout the day. "Antiperspirant is ideal for those who want to decrease wetness or feel they sweat more than usual," Kiran Mian, DO, a New York-based osteopathic dermatologist, tells Insider.

Of all the antiperspirants out there, there are some that have been ranked higher than the rest. Don't think you have to go to a dermatologist to get a sweat-stopping formula, though. You can buy them right online or at your local drugstore, meaning that you don't have to break the bank to find a product that works for you. It's all in the ingredients.

Deodorant will help stop the under-arm smell

If the smell is what you're looking to stop, then grab a deodorant the next time that you're out. Believe it or not, sweat is not the culprit of under-arm smell. "Sweat doesn't actually have an odor," Mian tells Insider. "Body odor comes from a byproduct of sweat as bacteria break it down." That's why wearing an antiperspirant will stop the sweat but not necessarily the smell. It's a completely different product for each.

That's why you often see deodorants and antiperspirants come together. Each works together to do a different task. Consider them the Batman and Robin of under-arm care. There aren't many products out there that are just deodorants at all, actually. Don't be afraid to experiment to get just the right product for you. WebMD points out that fragrance can be an issue for allergy sufferers. Staying smelling fresh and less sweaty with both ingredients is the getting the best of both worlds. Who says you can't have it all?