What You Should Know Before Getting A Nipple Piercing

When looking for a fun and sexy change, some people opt for a tattoo or a piercing. Getting a piercing is like an adrenaline rush from start to finish. It's an adventure that leaves us feeling edgy. Getting a new piercing can be a fun way to break out of a funk or even just have some fun with our friends. One piercing that's increasingly popular if you want to feel more "sexy" and also spice things up in the bedroom is the nipple piercing. 

However, getting your nipple pierced is something that takes a lot of thought and care, as it's susceptible to getting infected and other issues if you aren't diligent about aftercare, especially during the initial healing period (via Healthline). If you're thinking of getting it pierced, there are definitely a few things you want to know and consider completely before hitting up your local piercing studio and lying flat on the table. 

Things to know before getting your nipple pierced

The first thing you want to consider before going to get your nipple pierced is that it's going to hurt, no matter what you do. However, each person's pain tolerance is different. You might experience anything from minor pain to a lot of it. Also, the nipples are a very sensitive area and there is a good possibility that they will be swollen and a bit tender for a few weeks after getting it done. Piercers also recommend that you don't wear tight fitting clothing on a fresh piercing, to prevent rubbing and irritation. Lacy bras aren't a good idea, but padded sports bras during activity or sleeping can protect your piercing.

The initial healing time for a nipple piecing is six to eight weeks, but it can take up to a year before it's fully healed. Proper aftercare is important to prevent infection or other problems (via Byrdie). On top of that, you want to avoid scented body washes and other fragrant items around your new piercing. Submerging your new piercing in a hot tub or pool is also a no-no, so if you love to swim, plan accordingly. The jewelry that you originally get pierced with should stay in for the full healing time, as well.