If You're A Pisces, These Are Careers You Should Consider

Whether you're starting to look into careers or thinking about switching fields, finding your passion can be daunting. Sure, Van Gogh probably always knew he was born to paint, and if that's you –- we love to see it. But for the rest of us, it can be difficult to pinpoint what makes our heart beat faster and what works for our personality type.

You might love the idea of being a lawyer à la "Legally Blonde," strutting into a courtroom in sky-high heels and winning every case. But high-pressure litigation might give you anxiety, and all that studying beforehand may be wrong for you. Similarly, who doesn't love the idea of retreating to a country house, living off the land and tending to adorable farm animals? While we follow too many cottagecore accounts on Instagram, for many of us, a pastoral life is best left to our daydreams — and that's okay. So how to find your perfect career?

Using your zodiac sign to guide your job hunt might be worth your while. Your sun sign represents your fundamental self, the part of you that's deep in the soul (via Live About). While your moon sign is about emotions, and your rising symbolizes your social "mask," your sun sign strikes you with ambition to move throughout the world. It's no wonder using it is a great way to learn about your best careers, and if you're a sensitive Pisces, it's all about jobs that tap into your intuitive nature.

Your sensitive side makes you incredible writers

It's no surprise Pisces are natural born writers: the water sign is known for its creativity and love of meditative, quiet practices. Ever thoughtful, per Allure, the ethereal fish sign tends to live in a dreamscape, lost in their own mind. Pisces will go out to a much-too-loud dinner with friends and soon find themselves jotting down poetry on their Notes app while their pals order more spicy margaritas. 

Your sensitive, sometimes-fragile nature inherently understands life's trials and tribulations, making you incredible writers. Pisces signs are able to dig down deep into their emotional realm and create entirely new worlds on the page –- it's no wonder the magical realism legend Gabriel García Marquez was a fish sign.

You might be thinking: I almost failed my high school literature class — this is not me. But writing is just about representing what you have inside your head, and as a Pisces, you have a lot. As drawn out by Astrology Zodiac Signs, you have a natural ability to "escape reality," which is both your talent and downfall. Use your dreamy personality to your advantage, and get lost in your laptop's keys. As a Pisces, you may recall replaying past conversations in your mind, inventing a whole new dialogue (especially with those darn exes). By trying your hand at writing, you can create your own universe to play in, and it may become a calming respite away from a world you find exhausting. 

Pisces are jaw-dropping musicians

When we limit ourselves to our sun signs, readings may not seem accurate to our personality. If you have a Pisces sun sign, but your rising sign or "mask" is a loud-mouthed, charismatic Aries or Leo, you might think you're not very quiet at all. Still, you should recognize the part of you that's gentle and that tends to overthink: that's your Pisces talking (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). If you have a mix of polar opposites on your birth chart, you may gravitate to a career in performing -– especially in music. Songwriting and singing will nurture your artistic side and even put you in the spotlight if you're game.

Per Astro Charts, Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain was a Pisces sun, with communication sign Mercury, and love-dictating Venus in Pisces, too. Penning profound lyrics, Cobain was known for finding the world over-stimulating, retreating to his notebook and guitar. Still, Cobain broke out of his shell and became a star, with fans worldwide connecting to his thought-provoking melodies. 

As a Pisces, you have the ability to connect your intuition to creating art, and it's all about your inner wisdom. As explained by Allure, Pisces are the oldest sign in the zodiac and have experienced everything in the universe -– this is the reason your music can reach so many people. Even if you don't think you're a natural chanteuse, music can serve as a haven you'll quickly fall for. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

You also make super-sharp investigators and detectives

You may be wondering: is there any career for Pisces that has nothing to do with art? If you're a fish sign, chances are you're a creative person, even if you don't realize it. Still, you may not be artistic per se and may showcase your imaginative nature in other scenarios -– not exactly an easel and paintbrush, or a guitar and microphone. Pisces make keen, perceptive problem-solvers, sometimes gravitating toward careers in consulting or as corporate analysts, showing this sign can dream up solutions for real-world issues. One area in particular fish signs are known to excel in? Anything that involves investigation, police work, or detective know-how.

Yes, you may call yourself Detective Olivia Benson: as a Pisces, you're born with innate crime-solving skills that would make any "Law & Order" suspect shake in their boots. Your wild imagination doesn't just work for making up fantastical scenarios in your head when you're alone in your room; it can also build entire mazes to uncover the truth, and put near-impossible puzzle pieces together in a case. As per Allure, you are the most "psychic" sign of the entire zodiac, and your intuitive, all-knowing nature lets you get to the bottom of things very quickly. Yes, we know Pisces aren't known as the most down-to-earth sign, and aren't necessarily tied to real-world problem-solving. But when they put their mind to it, fish signs will blow any other investigator out of the celestial water.

Another Pisces-approved career? Working in film

Back to the very artsy, because you're a Pisces, after all. Fish signs are known for their love of film: just ask directors like Ron Howard, Jordan Peele, and Olivia Wilde. As previously noted, Pisces have a knack for escapism, and what better way to feed into that than watching a movie? There's nothing a Pisces prefers over traveling to Louis XIV-era Versailles, New York in the roaring '20s, or Birmingham in the time of the Peaky Blinders -– all from the comfort of their bed, of course. So why not focus that energy on making films yourself?

You will fit right into any creative career in the film industry: directing, screenwriting, or even acting (but more on that later!). Just like dreamy screenwriter Gil in "Midnight in Paris," you'll find yourself absorbed by your own fantasy land, building all the blocks of the plot in your head. As per Co-Star Astrology, Pisces have a tendency to live in both their dreams and the here-and-now, sometimes even getting confused between their parallel lives. While this can create some issues with distraction and aloofness at a job you don't feel passionate about, this trait will work perfectly for screenwriting or directing. You might find yourself revved up like never before, and notice an inner drive and ambition you've seldom felt. Since you're so acutely aware of life's joys and pains (via Allure), Pisces make for deep, provocative filmmakers with a clear, crucial message.

A career in charitable organizations is perfect for you

There's another side to Pisces we haven't yet delved into, and it's centered in the spirit that keeps you moving throughout the world. While creativity is important to fish signs, there's an unexpected groundedness to you that makes it even more important to make a difference in your community. As the last sign of the zodiac wheel, you've seen and felt it all: sorrow, intense happiness, youth, and aging (via Allure). Since you know so much, and usually feel like an "old soul" without knowing why, you have an unrivaled sense of empathy for your fellow humans. You can't just walk away from someone having a difficult time: whether that means giving them extremely sage advice, treating them to a homemade basket of baked goods, or lending a helping hand through charity work.

While Pisces are shy, they also love other people -– and as water signs, they're fluid enough to fit into varied groups and have an understanding of all walks of life (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Many would consider you to be selfless, which can be both positive and negative for you down the line: you're the friend that's always there from sunup to sundown, but the lines can blur and you can feel lost. Still, as long as you allot some time for yourself, Pisces can connect one-on-one with people like no one else, and will feel supremely fulfilled by working in a non-profit organization.

Pisces have serious star power

Much different from directing an Oscar-worthy film, some Pisces prefer life in front of the camera –- whether that means amassing millions of views as a YouTube makeup influencer à la fish sign NikkieTutorials, or being a full-blown megawatt Pisces celebrity like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Millie Bobby Brown. George Washington was also a Pisces, and as the first President of the United States, we would say that's proof enough that this sign craves the spotlight and are born leaders. Even though you might be thinking the über-famous lifestyle isn't for you,  you might just have to shed some of your fish scales first.

Famous Pisces Camila Cabello has talked about overcoming her shy nature, explaining to People that she was "cripplingly shy" growing up, as well as "very introverted, introspective, in [her] own little world a lot." Saying she's always had the surefire fish sign trait of a "big imagination," she had to escape her "comfort zone" to show the world her incredible talents. If this sounds familiar, you may have always had a curiosity for the spotlight, but haven't yet stepped out far enough to give it a try yourself. Even if you're not musically inclined, or can't begin to imagine how actors remember so many lines, you may have always wished you were game enough to put yourself out there on social media -– whether as an Instagram fashion influencer or a TikTok innovator.

Fish signs make discerning psychologists

Let's not forget that Pisces are charismatic, persuasive, and insightful around other people (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), making them sharp psychologists that profoundly connect to their patients. Sure, a celestial fish sign usually becomes overwhelmed after too much social interaction, but that is usually solved by a couple hours of nightly downtime -– either by knitting a beautiful woven cardigan or watching an addictive TV show. If proper TLC and a self-care regimen is put in place, Pisces can feel happy talking to people all day long -– especially when they're helping solve problems.

Pisces are clear extroverted-introverts, comprising a good mix of both social styles: enthusiastic about parties, yet craving their bed about one hour in (via Very Well Mind). Still, their people-loving side makes them feel deeply fulfilled when helping out others, especially in a clinical setting. Not just keen to work in a non-profit, fish signs make incredible psychologists and therapists, and use their vast imagination to think up new ways to assist their patients. Pisces' sea-like fluidity is deep enough to get down to the nitty-gritty, yet ebbs and flows to understand each patient's needs. A fish sign's creativity means they're natural "fixer-uppers," always thinking about new ways to help, assist, construct, and build. You will feel satisfied by seeing results in your future patients, and your innate kindness and understanding make you incredible therapists.

You're amazing spiritual healers

Coming as a surprise to no one, Pisces are natural-born spiritual healers, with an intuitive understanding of how to read tarot cards, decipher tea leaves, feel healing stones' vibrations, and peer into their crystal ball to tell others how things may pan out. If you're the Pisces in your friend group, you're probably the notorious magic-loving pal, inviting everyone to your home for the witchiest activities of all: Ouija boards, meditation, magic spells, and spiritual card reading, plus lots of wine and charcuterie (because why not?).

As per Allure, Pisces are intuitive, the wise, supernatural seers of the zodiac, struggling to stay planted in this dimension. As artists, fish signs gravitate toward fantasy lands, whether writing novels of magical realism or painting surrealist tableaus. Even when not creative in a hands-on way, Pisces will always feel a sense of something more in the world, and are deeply spiritual even when not attached to a specific religion. Plus, as explained by Allure, Pisces are mutable signs -– meaning they're otherworldly shape-shifters. This sign can squeeze into your spiritual psyche and tell you more about yourself than you ever knew.

To add fuel to the celestial fire, Pisces signs are ruled by Neptune. The most mystical planet of all, Neptune rules dreams and the inner spirit (via Tarot). This is exactly the reason magic fish signs rival Harry Potter ... or the spectral Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons from "Game of Thrones."

Pisces are the go-to painters of the zodiac

There's no way this list could be complete without painting: it's in Pisces' DNA. Per The Famous People, notable art world fish signs include Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo, 20th-century Cubist Piet Mondrian, Impressionist landscape artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor, who designed Chicago's famous "Cloud Gate" (or, "The Bean"). In short, you're in good company, and there's little wonder why Pisces make such incredible painters when looking back at history.

As explained by Co-Star Astrology, Pisces can sometimes be "excessively romantic," fitting right into the artist trope of putting painting before themselves -– and falling in love with their muse. Since they're "boundless," Pisces absorb their infinite surroundings, be it people, cities, music, or nature. Fish signs may not put boundaries up, which can make things difficult for them -– they feel intensely and are deeply emotional (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Luckily, this sign has art to run to, a safe haven to pour out their feelings and stay sane. A Pisces will get lost in their paint palette, throwing blood-red acrylic onto canvas to represent their anger, blending out sunny yellows to symbolize their joy, or even just shading a calming still-life in their notebook.

Pisces have a kind of intelligence that leaves many people awestruck, finding symbols and meanings in life events -– or art itself. Try out painting to give yourself a healthy outlet for your emotions, and see where it takes you.