Of All Of Katy Perry's Looks - This Stands Above The Rest

Katy Perry's sense of style is truly one-of-a-kind. Almost immediately out of the gate, the "Dark Horse” singer differentiated herself from her equally stylish peers by building a wardrobe that showcases both her quirky humor and chic sensibility. This is a pop star whose hair has been every color of the rainbow, and her outfits are usually every bit as bold.

That's probably because she recognizes the importance of fashion as a form of self-expression. "We can say we're funny or romantic or serious or sarcastic just by how we display ourselves," she told People. For Perry, her style developed over the years. "When I first got to L.A., I cultivated my style on a budget, always shopping at thrift stores or vintage stores," she explained. Now she's able to step out in designer duds whenever she desires, but she hasn't lost the spark that is decidedly all her own.

Vogue noted that she debuted with a look inspired by pinup models such as Bettie Page, but Perry's aesthetic continually evolves. She's delivered countless memorable looks, some of which we may even see again on her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom in the future. It's hard to pick favorites with Perry. That being said, she certainly took it to previously unexpected heights during what would become her most successful era to date, "Teenage Dream."

Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" era established her as both legendary and stylish

Katy Perry established herself as one to watch with songs like "I Kissed A Girl," but she achieved legendary status with her sophomore album, "Teenage Dream." Out in 2010, it matched a 23-year-old record previously held by Michael Jackson by producing five chart-toppers on the Billboard Hot 100 (via Billboard). That's a feat that hasn't been matched since and is likely part of the reason artists like Halsey refer to the LP as "perfect" (via YouTube).

The fashion showcased during this vibrant era is every bit as iconic as the music. If there's one thing you need to know about Perry's style, it's this: "I'm such a sucker for a theme. So if I go somewhere like Vegas, I'll dress like Vegas," she said (via the Daily News). That became abundantly clear when she wore one amazing themed look after another while promoting "Teenage Dream." 

For instance, she wore a dress modeled after a ticket to the 2010 MTV VMAs and showed up to a premiere for "The Smurfs" wearing Smurfette on her dress (via Glamour). Then there was a tour costume featuring spinning peppermints. The electrifying dress had to be retired after Perry's hair got stuck in one of the moving parts during a show (via The Juice), but it lives on in whimsical infamy. 

The above-mentioned looks are all excellent examples of her dedication to camp fashion. However, one moment rises above.

Her "California Girls" music video fashion is the definition of camp

Katy Perry notched the first of her five "Teenage Dream" chart-toppers with the Snoop Dogg-assisted "California Girls." The banger has serious staying power, and the accompanying music video (via YouTube) birthed appropriately iconic imagery and fashion. Instead of paying tribute to Cali's breathtaking beaches, Perry introduced viewers to Candyfornia. Yes, that's a spin on California and Candy Land. Also yes, the fashion was very much on theme.

Pieces ranged from a candy-coated dress designed by The Blonds to a cupcake bikini top and — most memorably — a bra that acts as a holster for two cans of whipped cream. Pretty legendary stuff. Johnny Wujek, Perry's long-time stylist, spilled the tea on the sugary fashion in an interview with Nylon. "She was younger, and we were just silly," he reminisced. Wujek also highlighted some of the quirky accessories that made the visuals extra-special. For example, a chocolate-chip cookie beret topped a Girl Scouts-inspired troop uniform.

According to him, the whipped-cream bras (she had to wear two to get the footage) were Perry's idea. The "Roar" siren shared additional insight during an interview with MTV. "It was really fun making these costumes," she enthused. "They're all one-of-a-kind, and I love the Bettie Page moment in the red and the whipped-cream cans." These campy, colorful, and flat-out fun 'fits with customized details set the standard for Perry's future fashion choices.

When it comes to camp, Katy Perry always understands the assignment

Katy Perry's fashion from the "Teenage Dream" era is camp at its finest and perfectly reflects the diva's incomparable sense of style. We've seen similar looks over the years; so much so that it's a distinct component of her brand. Considering her mastery of the aesthetic, it should come as no surprise that Perry aced the theme for the 2019 Met Gala, Camp: Notes on Fashion.

Every year, a different theme is reflected in attendees' fashion choices. Scores of famous faces clearly missed the memo when they got dressed in 2019. Not Perry. She posed on the iconic steps outside the venue wearing a chandelier (via Glamour). Designed by Moschino, the silver gown and matching headdress were adorned with crystals and illuminated light bulbs. It's a safe bet Perry was the best-lit attendee.

A chandelier dress would have been enough to get her on best-dressed lists, but it was just a warm-up for this diva. After a quick costume change in the venue's bathroom (which was interrupted by Jennifer Lopez), she re-emerged dressed like a cheeseburger (via BuzzFeed). The hitmaker's attention to detail was so serious that the dress underneath her three-dimensional costume was modeled after lettuce, and her shoes were also mini-burgers. 

The themes are different, but it's clear that the foundation established with "California Girls" has served as the basis for Perry's later fashion choices. And all we can say is bravo to our queen of camp!