Shoe Sizes In The UK Vs. US: How To Find Your Size

Are you an American who loves shoe shopping, but feels limited by the options in just the United States? Have you ever found a particular shoe designer or footwear website that was perfect for you, only to find that the numbers seem like they're more suited for children? Don't worry, they don't make heels for toddlers (yet), you're likely just looking on a website based in the United Kingdom. 


But don't give up and log out just yet, you can still totally wear shoe selections from the UK, even if you're not currently residing there. And while finding your exact UK shoe size may seem confusing or overwhelming, the process is actually relatively simple, as long as you read this article. If you're a woman from the US, keep scrolling to find out how to find your shoe size in the UK, so you don't accidentally order the wrong pair.

When in doubt, subtract three to find your shoe size

If you look at United Kingdom shoe sizes, you may think that everyone there has astronomically tiny feet. But don't worry, this isn't the case, the number systems are just drastically different. Simply put — the way you find your UK shoe size is to take your typical United States shoe size and subtract it by three numbers (via Shop it to Me). So, if you're a women's size nine in the US (the average women's shoe size in the US, according to Heathline), then you would be a size six in UK sizes. But what if you're one of the many people with a half size shoe, such as a US 7.5? While you may think that this makes things more complicated, the process is actually the same — simply subtract three. Therefore, if you're a 7.5 in the US, your UK size would be a 4.5 (doesn't that number make your feet feel dainty?).


Now that you know this information, feel free to look at fashion e-commerce websites based in the UK to make your feet happy by giving them the protection, accommodations, and stylish decorations they deserve for the office, a girl's night out, or a trip to the gym. Happy shopping!