Are You Wearing The Right Size When It Comes To Sandals?

Is it really even summer without sunshine and sandals? As the weather warms, that spring fever becomes highly contagious and you might find yourself running to the salon for a mani-pedi, and then rummaging through your closets for your flip-flops. Searching through the previous summer wardrobe can be fun, especially when breaking out the sandals of summers past and deciding which will be worn again, and which will get tossed. Some of you may agree, the best part of the tossing, is the replenishing that has to be done with a summer sandal shopping spree.

When shopping for sandals, flip-flops, and slingbacks, style is typically the first drawing point, and while it is important to have cute shoes, it is more important to wear shoes that fit properly. According to Vionic Shoes, you might experience pain, swelling, blisters, and possibly more serious medical conditions if you wear sandals that do not fit properly. In addition, if your feet develop calluses, ingrown toenails, or heel spurs, it might be time for new sandals.

This is how to ensure your sandal fits properly

There are specific ways you can tell that a sandal fits your foot properly. Lands' End reports that your toes should not be hanging over the front of the shoe you choose, and your heel should not be hanging off the back. 

It is also important to make sure the sandal fits your foot, even if you have been the same shoe size since high school. Material, style, and even the brand can cause a shoe to be a size too small or too big. But don't let the size of the shoe intimidate you, as Vionic Shoes reports, there is only about a one-fifth of an inch difference in length between a half and whole size. Moreover, if you try to squeeze into a size too small, it will make your feet look bigger than they are.

Finally, if your sandal straps dig into any part of your foot, or the straps are just fitting into the largest setting, your sandals are not fitting properly. According to, make sure the shape of the sandal fits the shape of your foot. Further, the outlet notes that relying on faith that the shoe will "stretch" into shape over time is not going to make the shoe fit better; the shoe should fit properly upon purchase.

The next time you go sandal shopping, maybe sooner rather than later, remember that style might be sexy, but a good fit is key for keeping the feet feeling and looking good.