If You're A Leo, These Are Careers You Should Consider

You're considered a Leo if you were born between July 23 and August 22. According to Allure, this particular zodiac sign is represented by the lion, as these confident and spirited fire signs tend to serve as the "kings and queens of the celestial jungle." They're passionate, vivacious, and larger than life, and they put their all into every friendship or relationship. Other characteristics of a Leo include stability, consistency, loyalty, and impatience.

When it comes to careers, not every job will suit this emotionally intense star sign. So if you're a Leo and you're either looking for a career change or haven't yet embarked on one, you might be curious about which jobs and work environments would best fit with your unique lifestyle and personality. The good news is, Leos are natural-born leaders, so many different types of work would likely work well with you — as long as you're at the helm. So without further ado, here are some of the career paths that astrology tells us would be right up a Leo's alley!

Leos are basically born with CEO on their birth certificates

Because Leos make for excellent leaders, Your Tango's number one career option for this zodiac sign is Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of a company. "The ability to make decisions and lead a company or organization will be perfect for their need to control situations," the website writes. Well, look at you, hotshot!

Similarly, a director role suits Leos as giving orders is the name of their game. According to Your Tango, "this fire sign is filled with intensity and the will to lead. Leos are leaders who are bold enough to ask for what they want and if you don't comply, let's just say they will get their way." But this isn't necessarily a bad thing — Leos have the physical, emotional, and mental fortitude that many other star signs lack. So athough they can sometimes get swayed by their pride and therefore must be diligent in keeping their ego in check, these celestial lions definitely have what it takes to lead in the workplace (via Allure).

If you're a Leo with an artsy side, consider these careers

If you're an extra confident and artistic Leo, you may be interested in carving out a place in Hollywood and becoming an actor. According to Your Tango, "the center of attention is something that Leos become naturally even when they don't seek it. They have a light within them that makes people want to be near them." Additionally, Leos' ability to not overthink things and keep people in good spirits are both perfect traits for actors and actresses.

Because Leos tend to be extremely skilled at problem-solving, those on the creative side would also excel at being an architect. But if your creative juices flow through words more than visuals, you may want to consider becoming a writer. According to Your Tango, "Leos love to control their own narrative and future," and "they enjoy expressing themselves in a creative light." It also helps that Leos are far from shy, so they're not afraid to let their words get heard far and wide.

In all of these artistic-leaning careers, Leos can make something out of nothing (as long as the spotlight is on them!).

Careers Leos should steer clear of

Your Tango also has a running list of careers that Leos would likely struggle to succeed in. First up is hotel housekeeper: "This position requires a manager that is required to double-check your work to ensure guest rooms are in perfect condition. Leos do not like to be checked on and they do not do well with authority because they have the need to be in an authoritative role." So if you're a Leo, you may want to stay away from such roles in the hospitality industry.

You should probably also avoid jobs in retail. They may be easy to snag, but Leos struggle with the idea of serving people while they shop, as they'd rather be the one guiding the shopping cart and dressing to impress! Teaching may also prove difficult, as, despite loving children, Leos may have a difficult time when they lose control — and anyone with kids knows that this can be a fairly common occurrence.

Lastly, even though Leos desire to help people and make lives better, "doctor" may not be the best fit for their resumes. As Your Tango puts it, "​​if they tell their patients to eat healthier or to take their medicine and the patient ignores it, Leos will consume themselves on how to persuade them which can easily take their mind off of the job itself." That said, every individual is unique and their own right and Leos can certainly thrive in any role!