This Nearly Stopped Camilla From Marrying Prince Charles

Prince Charles has basically been trying to be with Camilla Bowles for most of his life. The future couple met in 1970 at a polo match, according to theĀ Independent. The future king of England would go on to marry Diana in 1981, of course, but it's widely alleged that he had an affair with Camilla within a few years of saying "I do" in front of the world (via History and Town & Country).

As royal watchers know, Charles and Diana went on to divorce, and tragically, she was killed in 1997 (via Parade). Then, just a year later, Charles was introducing his future second wife, Camilla, to his sons, Princes William and Harry, according to Oprah Daily.

Seven years later, in 2005, the couple planned to wed, 35 years after first dating following the fateful polo match (via Brides). But believe it or not, another turn of events threatened to ruin the nuptials of these longtime lovers.

Indeed, Camilla was very sick on her wedding day, so much so, that at one point, insiders feared she may be too ill to even walk down the aisle to marry Charles (via Hello!).

Camilla needed help getting ready for her wedding to Prince Charles

As Hello! reports, the 2005 wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles was to be held at Windsor Guildhall, with a blessing to follow at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately, Camilla was suffering from sinusitis, with her friend Lucia Santa Cruz saying, "She was really ill, stressed. She literally couldn't get out of bed."

The outlet further notes that the night before the royal couple tied the knot, Camilla stayed with her sister, Annabel Eliot, and not with her husband-to-be, in keeping with tradition.

But she felt so bad, Camilla struggled to even dress herself for the big day. "OK, that's all right. I'm going to do it for you. I'm going to get you into your clothes," her sister told Camilla that morning, per InStyle.

Meanwhile, Good Housekeeping reports that although the bride was able to pull it together to marry her prince, that was not the end of the drama for the day, with spectators booing the controversial couple at one point.