Eric Trump Gets Completely Trolled When Asking A Question About His Dad

Eric Trump is tired of being targeted by law enforcement simply because his father was once president of the United States. As Raw Story reports, during a recent appearance on Fox News, Trump railed against Democrats who, he reasons, "dig so deep that they always find themselves." His issue mainly has to do with the fact that, "Every single day since my father ran for president, my father and our entire family and our company has been under investigation. Every single day ... we get subpoena after subpoena after subpoena."

According to Trump, Democrats have "weaponized" law enforcement to target his family alongside "the DOJ," "the military," and even the educational and medical systems, too. As he sees it, "The Democrats weaponize absolutely everything they can to use against their political opponents." Donald's son is proud to publicly support his father in a variety of different venues but he is less enthused by other people's responses to his loyalty. In fact, after assuming others would share in his enthusiasm, Trump found himself humiliated.

Eric Trump thought everybody missed the good old days

He probably wishes he'd never asked. Eric Trump took to Twitter to post the URL, which linked out to a photo of his father, former president Donald Trump, posing triumphantly in front of the American flag. Unfortunately, the responses were almost universally negative, with Twitter users taking the opportunity to troll the Trump son by letting him know there are few things they miss less than his dad in office. As one commenter quipped, "I had the flu once. I had a terrible headache, and I was puking ... everywhere. I don't miss THAT, either," while another compared missing Donald Trump to undergoing a root canal. One clever user even shared a similar link, but this one shows various photos of the Trump family with the answer, "F*** no."

Trump probably should've known better, however, considering, as HuffPost reported in August 2021, Donald Trump got the same response when he posed a similar question. His aide, Liz Harrington, shared a statement posted to the former commander in chief's website in which he poses the question "DO YOU MISS ME YET?" after running off a list of current president Joe Biden's perceived failures. Then, as now, Twitter users rushed to respond in the negative. In fact, several users even pointed out that Donald's Twitter ban should prevent him from sharing on the site at all.