If You're A Scorpio, These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

A Scorpio can be misunderstood, and people can often have misconceptions about this sign. However, those born between October 23 and November 21 have several stand-out traits that make them ideal friends.

First of all, they are extremely loyal. It may take awhile to get in close with them and have them open up, but once that happens, they are totally invested in you and your life. These types are also known for telling it like it is, and the hard truth can be necessary when it comes to growing in life. As intuitive and emotional souls, a friendship with a Scorpio can also lead to deep conversations, as well as sensitive care and compassion.

In order to befriend and maintain a relationship with a Scorpio, one should be upfront (as these signs hate liars and those who waste time with foolishness) and should check in on them regularly. They may put up a tough front, but they have feelings and struggles, too.

There are compatible signs, as well as some Scorpios should avoid, when it comes to friends

So what other signs are compatible with a Scorpio when it comes to friendships? First up would be Taurus, as these people also value keeping secrets. There are Cancers, who can offer up affection for the strong and daring Scorpio. A Virgo and a Capricorn can both help bring perspective to a situation and bring this dreamy sign back down to reality, when needed. Another option is a Pisces, since this type of person is known for being accepting, no matter what.

Those with birthdays that fall anywhere from October 23 to November 21 should also be aware of which signs to avoid when it comes to friendships. A Scorpio is naturally cautious and reserved, and there are some signs that would probably not turn into best friends. For instance, the way a Gemini and its twin symbol talks and talks ... that doesn't seem like a good match. And an Aquarius and a Scorpio could always be trying to change each other, which is also not ideal, as stated by GaneshaSpeaks.com.