The Truth About Anthony Anderson's Marriage

Anthony Anderson has enjoyed a successful acting career for more than 20 years. After supporting roles in films including "Big Momma's House," "Barbershop," and "Kangaroo Jack," Anderson went on to write, produce, and star in his own television sitcom, "All About the Andersons." From there, he played a detective on "Law & Order" before landing his starring role in ABC's "Black-ish," for which he has garnered seven Emmy nominations (via IMDb). "I was ready for the nomination streak to end a long time ago. This is the 7th nomination. 11 total, but yeah I'm done with the nomination part," Anderson told People. "It's time for a win. I'll be honest. It's time for a win."

Unfortunately, Anderson lost to Jason Sudeikis in 2021, who took home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for "Ted Lasso" (via Emmys). Still, Anderson is a winner when it comes to his personal life. The 51-year-old actor has been married to Alvina Stewart since 1999 (via Your Tango). And while Stewart prefers to live a private life, there are some interesting facts about the woman who Anderson has called the "love of my life."

Anthony Anderson met his wife at Howard University

Anthony Anderson met his future wife, Alvina Stewart, while both were attending Howard University. They married in 1999 and went on to have two children, Kyra and Nathan. As Anderson found success as an actor, Stewart made sure their kids grew up appreciating all that they have. "My wife is the normal one of the two of us. You keep them grounded. We made sure they volunteered, that they did work in the community," Anderson told Yahoo! Life. "Yeah, we do live a life of privilege somewhat, but that came with hard work. They know it doesn't come easy. We work with the homeless. My daughter is getting her masters in social work and ethnic studies. She wants to write policy and change policy."

And the actor told Jimmy Fallon in 2018 that his son was following in the same path by attending Howard University, where he told his dad that he had met the girl of his dreams. "He's actually following in my footsteps because I found my wife at Howard. But it was her first week, not my first week," the actor told Fallon (via PureWow).

Alvina Stewart filed for divorce in 2015

Anthony Anderson's marriage seemed to be kaput when his wife, Alvina Stewart, filed for divorce in 2015, citing "irreconcilable differences." Court papers revealed that the couple had been separated since April 2014. While Anderson would receive "reasonable visitation" when it came to the couple's two children, Stewart wanted joint legal custody and primary physical custody, as well as spousal support. The actor's rep released a statement to E! News, saying "Yes, the divorce papers are public record and they have been separated for some time now."

Luckily, the couple reconciled in January 2017 and Stewart dismissed the divorce proceedings. They appeared together at the SAG Awards that same month, and Anderson was happy to have his wife back on his arm at public events. "It's fun," he told Entertainment Tonight. "It's been a while since we've been on a red carpet together, but we're here tonight so we're excited about it."

Anthony Anderson's wife helped him get into shape

When Anthony Anderson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it was his wife, Alvina Stewart, that motivated him to get healthy. "My wife's become an avid gym rat, and she inspires me," he said (via YourTango). "My children are fit too and also help me keep going." He added that he "watched my dad slowly die from this disease. And I vowed never to let that happen to my wife and children, and it jump-started me into becoming healthier," (via PureWow).

Through healthy eating and exercise, Anderson transformed his body and lost 47 pounds! "This is what I'm supposed to look like," he told People. And in 2021, the actor even participated in Will Smith's weight loss challenge, frequently posting videos of himself on social media boxing, doing sit-ups, and lifting weights. "Throwing punches for three straight minutes ain't no joke! Planking for a minute with 32 pounds on your back ain't no joke! I'm getting it in! What about you? Where you at @willsmith @richforever I see you boxing! All this in 2 1/2 hours. Doing it again tomorrow! Meet me at the gym!" he wrote (via Atlanta Black Star).