Why Fans Believe This Would Be The Perfect NCIS Ending

"NCIS" is one of the longest-running procedurals, joining the likes of Shonda Rhimes' "Grey's Anatomy." Both series began airing in the early-to-mid 2000s — "NCIS" debuted in 2003, per IMDb — and both are nearing their 20th seasons of action, drama, and intrigue. It's hard to imagine a series like "NCIS" ending because it's been on for so long. It's a primetime staple, and its marathons have kept viewers company for almost two decades. Simply put, it's a constant in people's lives, and these fans are invested in its story and characters.

In fact, "NCIS" has aired for so long that family members of the cast have joined the show, the series has experienced shocking firings, and viewers have gotten to know the cast's real-life partners. The show has created a family, and with the series ever-changing, fans are not only worried about it ending sooner than they'd like but also ending in a way that doesn't satisfy them. One of the many changes facing the show, for example, is Mark Harmon's reduced role in the upcoming Season 19, per TVLine. As Jethro Gibbs, Harmon has been the main character for its entire run, so fans are worried about continued role changes.

Some fans want Jethro Gibbs to die on NCIS

With change ever on the horizon, "NCIS" fans wonder how the series will inevitably end — and they've got their own ideas. According to CBR.com, not only is Mark Harmon's role being reduced, but the series has also added new characters for Season 19. As they note, this could mean that the show is planning to stay on the air for many more seasons, but will fans like the new characters enough to keep watching?

Fan reactions vary. Some think the show will end soon; others hope it lasts until at least Season 22 because the series would then air its 500th episode. This back and forth remains ongoing on Reddit, and one user, according to CBR.com, has the best answer for an ending. They believe that Harmon's Gibbs must die in the end. However, the Reddit user specifically states that it should be a heroic death. Then, "we see him finally reuniting with all the loved ones he lost during the series starting with his wife and daughter," they further explained. Finally, he could reunite with other agents and characters from the series as well.

The outlet notes that it would be a simple end that wraps up everything in a satisfying way, and we honestly agree. This ending would be an ultimate love letter to the viewers who have spent countless years following Gibbs' journey.