Prince Harry Reveals What He Misses Most About Prince Philip

It's been a year of ups and downs for Prince Harry. He welcomed his second child with Meghan Markle, Lilibet Diana, in June 2021, and his cousin, Princess Beatrice, gave birth to a daughter in September 2021. But there was the eventful Oprah interview back in March, and of course Harry also lost his grandfather, Prince Philip, earlier this year too. 

In a documentary released in late September 2021, Harry opened up about the loss, and revealed just what he misses the most about his grandfather. "More than anything I miss his sense of humor," he admitted, "But I miss him more for my grandmother because I know how incredibly strong she was with him there. I also know she will be okay without him."

He continued by saying that his grandfather and grandmother were "just the most adorable couple." "To me knowing the cheekiness of him and knowing that behind what the world sees you have two individuals who were very much in love and both, from a very young age, have dedicated their life to service ... that is an incredible bond between two people," he said (via Newsweek).

Prince Harry misses Prince Philip's humor and love for Queen Elizabeth

In the documentary, BBC's "Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers," Prince Harry did an impression of Queen Elizabeth, his grandmother, and looked through flight logs from a 1983 trip to Africa while reminiscing about his grandfather's zest for life. "[Prince Philip] was doing all the flying himself, or certainly chunks of it," he explained. "When you're flying, you don't get an easy pass just for being the Duke of Edinburgh. You very much have to put in the work and prove your skill ... But also he had an amazing privilege to get behind the controls and fly aircraft all around the world ... I can just imagine my grandmother sitting in the back of a plane having a cup of tea, going through turbulence and going 'Oh Philip. What are you doing?'" (via Newsweek).

The documentary marks the first time that Harry has really worked together with the rest of the royal family publicly since the unveiling of the statue of his late mother, Princess Diana, with brother Prince William in July 2021 (via Newsweek) — since stepping back as a senior royal in 2020 (via BBC News), he's still continued to work on projects with his family on occasion.