The Truth About Jojo Siwa And Kalani Hilliker's Friendship

Since coming into the spotlight, JoJo Siwa has gained a following through many different business ventures. She runs a successful YouTube channel, has a giant talent deal with Nickelodeon, and boasts a large social media following (via People). The celeb is also making headlines for her LGBTQ+ activism. Since coming out as part of the community, the rising star has pushed for better representation in the media and also became the first contestant on the hit series "Dancing With the Stars" to dance with a partner of the same sex (via The New York Times).

Siwa started her career on the reality competition series "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" (via Us Weekly). She later joined the popular Lifetime series "Dance Moms," which helped build her platform and helped her first official music video amass nearly one billion views on YouTube. After releasing "Boomerang" in May 2016, Siwa continued to release more music, including her 2018 hit track "High Top Shoes." The song was such a success that the singer released a remix, with a little help from a longtime friend (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

Jojo Siwa and Kalani Hillaker still love to perform together

In the summer of 2020, Jojo Siwa released a music video for her hip song "High Top Shoes Dance Remix" (via YouTube). The video features Siwa dancing in a cheerleader outfit on a basketball court with a group of other cheerleaders and basketball players. While the starlet is certainly the center of attention in the video, eagle-eyed fans may notice "Dance Moms" star Kalani Hilliker is one of the cheerleaders dancing in the video. After the music video went live on YouTube, Hilliker took to Instagram to promote the track and congratulate her close friend (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

The influence shared a photo from the set with the caption, "So happy I got to dance with you again and am SO proud of you @itsjojosiwa. SWIPE UP TO WATCH!" to her Instagram Story. A few months before filming the music video together, Siwa posted another YouTube video where she takes a dance class with Hilliker. The video showcases that the pair still have fun together and are in sync as when they first met on the set of "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition."