The Surprising Pop Star That Just Covered Dolly Parton

Covering a Dolly Parton song is no easy task. According to WBIR 10 News, Parton has a total of three songs on the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time List. Those songs include "Coat of Many Colors," "I Will Always Love You," and "Jolene." Aside from being recognized for her outstanding music, Parton quickly became one of the world's most beloved celebrities by showcasing her down to earth personality and never being afraid to poke fun at herself (per BBC).

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought havoc to the world, Parton stepped up and helped fund the Moderna vaccine (via The New York Times). The singer who was a pop culture enigma quickly became a humanitarian. This woman can do no wrong!

So, when a fellow musician decides to cover one of her songs, they have big cowboy boots and bejeweled jumpsuits to fill. One new pop sensation was recently willing to take on the task.

Lil Nas X covered one of Dolly's hit songs

Few artists are creating a buzz like Lil Nas X is. The "Montero" singer has been caught up in several absurd controversies from being called a bad role model to being sued by Nike (per The Sydney Morning Herald). Regardless of the press he gets, one thing is for certain, the queer musician is not afraid to be himself, and that deserves recognition.

When Lil Nas X hit the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge stage, he decided to channel Parton, another artist who has never backed down from being herself despite the type of press she receives. He covered her song "Jolene" and fans loved it (via PopSugar).

"I chose this because I feel like this song is kind of like beautifully sad, you know? I like the little country twang, so I was like, 'Let me try this out,'" Lil Nas X shared when asked why he selected a country song when he is known for pop hits. In the end, the song choice worked in his favor.