What Does Your Nose Piercing Say About You?

Many people like to spice up their looks and vibe, and piercings are often a go-to choice to shake things up. There are so many different types of piercings to get, that you can virtually get pierced anywhere you choose. Some people like to keep it simple and only pierce their ears, while others go for a more wild look and pierce their nose, lip, eyebrow, or even their nipples. Each piercing has a different pain level, healing time, and even a price point (via Authority Tattoo). 

For example, ear piercings are much less expensive than facial and nipple piercings, and usually have a shorter healing time. Nose piercings, on the other hand, hurt a whole lot because of the cartilage and they take longer to heal, too. Piercings also say a lot about the person who has them. Each piercing can showcase something about your personality, from how friendly you are to how creative you can be. So, what does your nose piercing say about you?

Nose piercings are reflective of bold personalities

Getting your nose pierced is not a subtle or easy decision, as your nose is smack-dab in the middle of your face. Those who choose to get it done showcase a seriously quirky personality — people who want to stand out and be different (via Her). Not everyone can or wants to rock a piercing in the center of their face, so those who do aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

Those who have their nose pierced most likely had childhood clothing with bold, bright colors and have dyed their hair about a dozen and a half different times. Not to mention, they switch up their look frequently, from studs to hoops — never too sure which they want to go with. Your style is most likely edgy and you're not afraid to truly go for it. More likely than not, you're into wellness and we don't mean pumping iron — you're a yogi who loves pilates and hot yoga and you more likely than not have a bunch of journals you haven't written in yet. 

Did we nail it?!