The Acting Role Christina Hendricks Says She Regrets

In 2007, Christina Hendricks traveled back to the 1960s in fitted sheath dresses that commanded the attention of every boy in "Mad Men." Hendricks played Joan Holloway, a secretary who asserted herself in the office space dominated by men. Hendricks, who was only given a brief amount of screen time in the beginning of the show, evolved into a supporting character who snagged two Critics Choice awards and Screen Actor Guild awards among many other nominations and wins (via IMDb). "I had to sort of create who she was in those two scenes, and that's who she became," she told the press at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. "It all went from there" (as reported by Vulture).

She now plays Beth Boland in the NBC dramedy "Good Girls," a suburban mother who transforms into a talented thief. But before Hendricks established herself as a critically acclaimed actress, she worked on projects that weren't as popular, one of which she definitely regrets.

Christina Hendricks played a high-schooler

While promoting the last season of "Mad Men" in 2015, Hendricks made an appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" (via E!), where she admitted one of her biggest regrets in Hollywood.

It's MTV's "Undressed," an anthology exploring sexual relationships and orientations within a college-age (ish) demographic (via Mental Floss). Hendricks played Rhiannon, a high school senior who liked rappers, for four episodes in the show (via Vulture). While the series was canceled in 2002, the internet has Hendricks' biggest regret up on YouTube, for anyone curious. The clip may be short but we get the gist, and why it may not be one of her favorite performances.

However, the show ran for six seasons and was a springboard for many actors. The list is long and it includes Max Greenfield from "New Girl," Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, and Pedro Pascal (via Mental Floss). The cast list is an impressive one, and while Hendricks regretted it, her evolution is one to note.