BB Cream Vs. CC Cream: Which Is Better For Acne Prone Skin?

In the makeup world, it seems like BB cream and CC cream products are all the rage. They sit near foundation as alternatives to the fuller coverage product to provide a flawless base for the rest of your face. Plus, both types have additional skincare benefits, according to Byrdie. For instance, a BB cream usually offers SPF along with a light-weight coverage, which can even out minor flaws in your skin tone. Likewise, a CC cream offers color correction along with other benefits like SPF, anti-aging ingredients, and hydration (via Healthline). 

If you have acne prone skin, it can be tempting to want to shellac as much product on your face as possible to completely cover up any blemishes and discoloration you have. However, you could possibly benefit from a lighter weight product like BB cream or CC cream. The trick is knowing which one would work best for acne. Read on to find out how to get great acne coverage without layers of makeup. 

Here's why CC cream works best for acne prone skin

According to Healthline, a CC cream is less likely to cause more breakouts for your acne prone skin. Because CC cream has a lighter texture than BB cream, that makes it more suitable for acne riddled complexions. Another perk is that it provides color correction, which could help even out areas where you have blemishes that are healing. Celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma explained the reason a CC cream worked better for blemishes to Byrdie. "If you like the idea of a BB cream but have some skin issues like discoloration or redness, try a CC cream. It has color correcting qualities that can make it a better fit for people who need a little more color balance."

Of course, not all CC creams are created the same, which means you need to check out the ingredient list before purchasing it. If you deal with breakouts, be sure to choose a CC cream with ingredients like tea tree extract, colloidal clay, and salicylic acid that's an oil-free formulation. Due to its multi-purpose formula, the right CC cream should also simplify your makeup routine, which will not only declutter your makeup bag, but also save you a bit of money while helping your acne-prone skin.