Olivia Munn Wrote Some Pretty Awful Things In Her Book

Since her Hollywood debut in the early 2000s, Olivia Munn has been the subject of a few rather strange controversies. Perhaps the most famous of these controversies faced by the former "Daily Show" correspondent and nerdy bombshell is the one involving the dog-walking app, Wag!. Back in 2019, ELLE Australia reported that Munn, who was an investor in the app, helped users find their dog after it was stolen from a verified dog walker on the app. After that incident, Wag! was sued for hiring untrustworthy dog walkers and for using Munn's fame to smooth over the aforementioned incident. Shortly after this news broke, Munn pulled out of her scheduled appearance on "Today."

The recent news of Munn's pregnancy also sparked a bit of controversy. According to Style Caster (posted at Yahoo!), many fans are beginning to wonder if her beau, John Mulaney, cheated on his now-ex-wife, Annamarie Tendler, with Munn. After seven years of marriage, Mulaney and Tendler announced that they had divorced. During an interview on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" in September, Mulaney told Meyers that he went to rehab in September 2020, moved out of the home he shared with Tendler in October 2020, and met Munn in the spring of 2021. However, sources close to the couple claim that Mulaney actually asked for a divorce in February 2021, leading many to scratch their heads about the tight timeline of the comedian's relationship with Munn.

These are the controversial statements Munn made in her book

In addition to being a host and actor, Munn is also a published author. Back in 2010, Munn released a memoir, titled "Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures Of A Hollywood Geek" (co-written by Mac Montandon). When Munn isn't trying to shock readers with her on- and off-screen bisexual encounters, she's telling stories about her childhood, her career in Hollywood, and nerd-related things.

In late August, Celebrity Memoir Book Club posted three rather scathing reviews of Munn's book on their TikTok channel. While speaking about a hypothetical run for president, Munn made a cringeworthy, fatphobic comment. "I will fix America's obesity problems by taking all motorized transport away from fat people," she wrote, according to the Celebrity Memoir Book Club. "In turn, I will build an infrastructure of Fat Tunnels, where all the fat people can walk. This will create jobs and subsequent weight loss."

In other sections of the book, says the review, Munn makes it clear that she believes herself to be the only hot woman in Hollywood, poking fun at other Hollywood starlets' breasts that "hang so low" and those who dare to wear mom jeans. Another section of the book lays out more than a few ways for college women to ask their professors for sex, according to Munn. Even if Munn is simply trying to be funny by writing the aforementioned statements, most readers have not picked up on this strange form of humor.