Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato Shares Her Wellness Secrets

Beloved Peloton instructor Olivia Amato keeps people coming back to her classes with her energy and support (via Well+Good). In her Peloton bio, she confirms she's there to be your cheerleader: "I will always have your back, no matter how challenging things get!" Her seemingly endless source of energy is impressive, and she's shared some wellness secrets that help keep her happy, healthy, and energetic.

Be part of a supportive community. "My friends and family mean everything to me," Amato told Parade. "We want what's best for each other and the trust is real." She also sees the importance of a supportive community at work. She posted a pic of Peloton instructors on Instagram and wrote, "i work with real life superheroes y'all!!!! [...] shoutout to these 3 rockstars and the rest of my incredible team who continues to inspire, motivate and lift up myself and the world daily".

Get energy from what you eat. "I usually like to eat at least two hours before my workout so that I have time to digest," said Amato. "If I eat right before a workout, I usually have something with sugar to give that quick burst of energy. It can literally be anything from a piece of fruit to a few Sour Patch Kids" (from Parade). She's also a fan of eating when she's hungry as well as making her own food: "Everything in moderation," she told Delish. "I don't limit myself and I don't follow a specific diet."

Set an intention for each workout and set goals

Set an intention for your workout. For each and every workout, Amato explained to Parade that she sets an intention as a way to motivate herself. "Knowing my 'why' before and during my workout is a helpful reminder to keep going when things get challenging."

And if your larger intention is to accomplish a specific fitness goal, Amato recommends clearly determining that goal and tracking it: ​​"I like to organize my weeks in advance so that I can see what my schedule looks like holistically and make sure it's doable both mentally and physically, as well as in line with my goals" (from Parade). And make sure that your goals are really about you, "not because you want to prove something to anyone else" (from Parade).

And don't forget about the importance of sleep when it comes to wellness. Amato's tip, according to Parade, is to use a heated sleep mask.