If You're A Libra These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

Out of all the of zodiac signs, Libras are best know to do the balancing act. Represented by the scales, they tend to be obsessed with symmetry and harmony in their homes, their relationships, and even their own personalities (via Allure). As a result, one of their noticeable strengths is their ability to cooperate and stay diplomatic in arguments (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

Libras also thrive in social situations and can connect with people effortlessly, according to Bustle, making it easy for this air sign to be compatible with many other zodiac signs. "We're living in a world that is atomized, isolated, and obsessed with individualism, so it's radical that [the Libran] identity is shaped by relationships," Libra-born astrologer Randon Rosenbohm tells Bustle.

However, Libras prefer to avoid confrontation and have trouble asserting their needs at times. Certain signs that understand Libras' needs might be more compatible with the sign than others. 

Libras are super compatible with Gemini and Aquarius

New York Times' bestselling astrologer Linda Goodman's book, "Love Signs," is commonly used to decipher relationships between zodiac signs. She explains that each sign relates to the other based on how far apart they are in the calendar (via Elite Daily). These are known as sun sign patterns and their placement can be telling of what sign Libra is most compatible with.

The 5-9 pattern describes signs that are 5 or 9 months apart from each other. For Libra, that's Gemini and Aquarius. They are most empathetic towards each other, leading to lasting relationships. However, Sagittarius and Leo are in a 3-11 pattern with Libra, which means that you'll probably become fast friends. A 7-7 pattern may lead Libras to a mutual admiration society with Aries, too. However, their qualities fall on the opposite side of the spectrum, possibly giving way to random fights (via InStyle).

If your best friend is an Aries, there's no need to break ties. Depending on your placements (and theirs), any friendship can thrive with a little effort.