What Does A Star Tattoo Symbolize?

Are you thinking of getting a new tattoo? A star one, perhaps? Before you do, there are some things you need to know to ensure you grasp the full meaning of the tattoo and that you're actually putting something on your body that you want and believe in. 

Every tattoo has its own individual meaning to each person, but they also share universal meanings. We've previously covered the meanings of anchor tattoos and arrow tattoos, as well as plant tattoos, like lily and lavender varieties.

Now, it's time to discuss star tattoos (and we're not talking celebrities). Generally speaking, stars symbolize divinity and hope. According to Symbolism and Metaphor, a lot of people believe stars to be beacons of hope and love from loved ones who have died. Stars are out of touch because they're in space, just as loved ones are out of touch once they've passed. However, the way stars look down on us at night is similar to how we'd like to believe our loved ones look over us once they're gone.

While stars traditionally carry such deep, symbolic meaning, does this translate to star tattoos?

Star tattoos have more meanings than you think

What people find beautiful about star tattoos is not only their deep meaning but also their versatility. They can be any size, color, or variation on the traditional star shape, meaning people can find whatever meaning they desire in this tattoo. 

Moreover, according to Saved Tattoo, star tattoos are generally "a symbol of ambition and success (you're a star!) or honor and hope (looking up at the night sky)." The site adds: "It can also be a guiding symbol, like how travelers would once navigate by the stars. Your star tattoo can be a reminder to follow your goals, or that fate will guide you."

In this case, the star tattoo doesn't only symbolize love and hope sent from those who have passed. Instead, the star tattoo is about general guidance, whether it's from them, your own heart, or natural forces. "It is a religious symbol, a symbol of spirituality, an icon of aesthetic, and an image that can be introduced into any design," explains Tattoo SEO. Your tattoo can consist of a single star or many, with the exact number of stars having a meaning all its own (e.g., the number three has long held symbolic power).

Ultimately, the star tattoo is one for someone who is truly in touch with their inner self, and, if you're considering getting one, don't hesitate to shoot for the stars.