The Real Reason Spice Girl Melanie C Doesn't Wear Adidas Anymore

The Spice Girls will forever be iconic. Not only have their songs gone down in music history, but so have their looks. You can't see a little black dress without thinking of Posh Spice or a pair of high pigtails without thinking of Baby Spice. Of all the looks, though, there is one that is back in style and going strong — the Sporty Spice look. The iconic tracksuit and sneaker combo is enough to make you channel your inner Sporty Spice as you head off to the gym. However, ironically enough, Melanie C doesn't wear Adidas tracksuits anymore (via The Sydney Morning Herald). Honestly, with the amount of time she must have been in tracksuits, she has definitely put in her time with the trend.

You know that feeling when you've found a look you love and wear it every chance you get. Then, about a month later, you suddenly hate it and never want to wear it again. Now, imagine wearing that trend for years and being known globally for it. That's enough to make you want to take a bit of a hiatus, which is exactly what Mel C has done. Actually, she might have just given up the look forever. Yes, even though athleisure is very much back in style, the singer avoids the trend and her reasoning makes so much sense.

Mel C feels like she's impersonating herself when she wears an Adidas tracksuit

The world saw Mel C in a tracksuit more than they saw her in anything else, and because of that she's retired the look. "I feel Adidas is so classic, it never goes out of style from me personally. The only problem I have, the only time I wear a full Adidas tracksuit now is for fancy dress. I feel like if I wore it in everyday life, I would look a little bit sad. People would think, 'Oh my God, does she want to be recognized or something?,'" Mel C tells The Sydney Morning Herald. "I have made it now that I can't just wear it when I want to because I feel like I look like an impersonator of myself."

Let's be honest, that makes complete sense. The look was so iconic that it's still stuck in the minds of people everywhere. No one's saying it wouldn't be an incredibly welcomed surprise to see Mel C walking down the street in a tracksuit, but it would cause quite the scene. Unlike Victoria Beckham, who still wears her iconic little black dress quite often (via Vogue). Heck, she even designs and sells them for $1,300 now, according to the Victoria Beckham site.

Mel C started the athleisure trend

Sportswear has definitely taken a trendy turn since the '90s. While Mel C wore the iconic Adidas tracksuits to become Sporty Spice, everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid have rocked the look non-ironically (via Us Weekly). Athleisure wear is alive and well, and we should have all seen it coming.

"Sportswear has never been high fashion, now there is athleisure wear and sports chic and finally everyone has realized it is cool to be comfortable," Mel C tells The Sydney Morning Herald. "You should have listened to Sporty Spice all of those years ago."

Let's take this as a sign to incorporate a whole lot more Spice Girls into our daily lives. The world could totally use some more girl power, which also was a trend that the group was ahead of. Fingers crossed that Mel C can pull one of her Adidas tracksuits out of the closet sometime. Not only would fans absolutely go crazy over the iconic look, but she'd probably feel right at home in the look.