The Hottest New Ponytail Styles To Up Your Hair Game

Possibly because of the increase of remote work during the lockdown, the popularity of updos have been skyrocketing, according to Glamour. But who says that ponytails need to look like you put in no effort? More than just a quarantine 'do, ponytails are a versatile hairstyle that can be experimented with for a multitude of variations that are chic and elegant. 

Recently, there have been certain styles that seem to be all the rage in 2021. Ponytail braids are a classy combination of — you guessed it — a ponytail and a braid for the best of both worlds. They come with all sorts of options and different styling techniques, placements, and effects that'll leave you feeling fancy and polished. Whether or not you want to channel your inner Ariana Grande with a ultra high pony or go for a looser look, here are the hottest new ponytail styles with braids to up your hair game.

The bubble braid ponytail looks complicated, but isn't

Doja Cat sported the quirky bubble braid ponytail at the 2020 Grammys, which likely helped to boost the style's most recent popularity. Although bubble braids may look intricate and complicated, they are actually relatively simple and can be done by anyone at home. "Bubble braids are essentially a modern and playful update to standard ponytails, so it's way easier to achieve than a traditional braid," hairstylist Miko Branch told Real Simple.

The look involves tying elastic bands through a ponytail so that the hair puffs out like a bubble, hence its name. To wear, place your hair in a high ponytail, put a hair tie near your scalp, and keep wrapping elastics down to the bottom of your pony. Make sure they're equal distance apart. To complete the bubble effect, pull your hair apart with your fingers in each section. The best part about the bubble braid is the flowy curls you'll get the next day from this 'do.

The French twist ponytail is sophisticated and relaxed at the same time

The French twist ponytail is a cool twist on the classic hairstyle. It basically involves a French twist at the top half of the head, with loose unbraided strands sticking out at the bottom, which gives a more laid-back vibe, per Allure. It has been spotted on the likes of AnnaSophia Robb and Elizabeth Olsen, who clearly have good taste and know what they're doing when it comes to the world of hair. So, why not follow in their footsteps?

To get the French twist ponytail, create a side part with a tail comb and create the twist by taking the sections of your hair in opposite directions. Secure your hair with bobby pins and elastics, but be sure to leave enough room for the loose ends, per Refinery29. For the final touch, make sure to use your fingers to tease the bottom, unbraided section of your hair for that slightly "rough" look that makes the French twist ponytail so unique.

The fishtail ponytail braid is versatile and edgy

The classic fishtail ponytail braid hybrid usually starts with a low or side pony, for a casual look that is perfect for everyday adventures. "I love fishtail braids," celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan told Byrdie. "I feel like this is a great look for spring, going to an outdoor music festival — something casual and fun."

For the fishtail ponytail braid, gather your hair into a pony and secure it with a hair tie near your scalp. Omit this step if you want a more lived-in look. Then, split your pony into two sections and continuously crisscross until you reach two thirds of your hair. Tie things together with an elastic, and for the finishing touch, pull your hair apart from the bottom up to make your braid look wider. You can even use a comb at the bottom to add volume to your heart's desire. "I think messy fishtail braids look better when there's a little bit of fuzzy texture," Marjan adds.