Why Twitter Thinks Meghan Markle Is Copying Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's fashion choices are often copied and always admired. Case in point: She wore a magenta suit with a floor-length coat designed by Sergio Hudson to Joe Biden's inauguration in January, and people are still talking about the look (via Marie Claire). In fact, one very famous person, whose outfits are also imitated worldwide, may have recently channeled the former first lady's inauguration attire while visiting a Harlem, New York school this week (via Public UK).

Of course, we speak of Meghan Markle, who sported a red-toned, monochromatic suit while reading her book "The Bench" to a classroom at PS 123 when Twitter spotted the comparisons between her outfit, a Loro Piana coat and pants, and what Obama wore (via People).

"This get up reminds me of Michelle obama's outfit at the biden-kamala inauguration," tweeted one person, while someone else said, "She's giving Michelle at inauguration and I am here for it #flawless." This notion was widely repeated, with yet another Twitter user commenting, "Giving me Michelle Obama at the inauguration vibes!"

Not everyone on Twitter liked Meghan Markle's look or even agreed it channeled Michelle Obama

Twitter users in large part agreed that Meghan Markle's latest look on her New York tour was an effort at cosplaying the former first lady. "Good for her, @MichelleObama is an excellent role model!" one person applauded the new mom of two, while also complimenting the Chicago native.

But many Twitter users weren't sold on the comparison, with one person commenting, "I mean it's a totally different outfit in a totally different colour but okay sure."

And, not surprisingly, many social media users had not-so-nice things to say once folks started tweeting about Markle's outfit resembling what Obama wore previously. "Meghan, trying to copy an outfit worn by Michelle Obama, fails miserably and looks like she has her pyjamas on !!!!" tweeted one non-fan.

But Markle also had her defenders. As one person opined, "Meghan can wear whatever she wants."