The Truth About Christina Haack's Fiancé Joshua Hall

HGTV star Christina Haack surprised many of us when she revealed she was in another relationship only weeks after her divorce from Ant Anstead was finalized. However, Haack has since explained that the man she has been spending time with is essentially perfect for her — so, perhaps, it's not surprising at all that Joshua Hall proposed only two months after Haack confirmed their relationship in the first place (per People). Haack was engaged twice in the past to her now-ex-husbands Tarek El Moussa and Ant Anstead.

Unlike Haack's previous two husbands, El Moussa and Anstead, Hall doesn't have an extensive social media or television presence. While the pair met at a real estate conference, Hall hasn't built a career in reality or home improvement TV the way Haack has. As such, it's been challenging for Haack's fans to learn a lot about the new man in her life.

Luckily, there is some information out there — and a lot of it is very promising (like that five-carat diamond ring he bought her). Here's a peek at the man Haack will walk down the aisle with for the third time.

Joshua Hall is a realtor living in Austin, Texas

One reason Christina Haack and Joshua Hall clicked so easily from the beginning might just be they have a shared passion and career. Like Haack, Hall works in the real estate industry. He is a realtor at Spyglass Realty in Austin, Texas. In his biography on the agency's site, Hall shares that he moved to Austin in 2017 after he took a trip there and wanted to stay. As he explains, the decision to move and pursue his real estate license in Texas was really focused on sharing the place he had fallen in love with. "I wanted to continue to share all the good things that make Austin so special to those considering purchasing a home here," he said.

There's another reason why Austin, Texas, feels like home to Hall: He was actually born at the Fort Hood Army Base, which is located only an hour north of the city (per Spyglass Realty). There's no word yet on whether or not Hall and Haack will live in Austin after they tie the knot.

He worked as a cop in Southern California

Before Christina Haack's fiancé, Joshua Hall, got into real estate, he actually had a totally different profession: He worked as a police officer in Southern California. In his Spyglass Realty biography, Hall explains that he grew up in a military family and moved around a lot. Eventually, the family decided to settle down in Southern California, where Hall says he and his two sisters were raised. As he explains, it was there that Hall fell in love with his first career.

Hall became a police officer at the age of 21, but, unfortunately, his career ended after 16 years in the field because of a number of injuries on the job. Hall adds that before he had to retire early, he "took great pride in helping people with everyday difficulties and putting them at ease" (via Spyglass Realty).

Hall also credits his former life as a cop with giving him the skills he needs to be a successful real estate agent. "With my previous career solving problems, helping others through difficult situations and my love for real estate, I made the decision to get my Texas real estate license" (via Spyglass Realty).

Joshua Hall's sisters have appeared on reality TV shows

While Joshua Hall has yet to make his reality TV debut, two members of his family are no strangers to the medium. Just like Christina Haack, his sisters, Stacie Adams and Jessica Hall, have each appeared on several reality television shows.

StyleCaster shares that Stacie was known as Stacie the Bartender on two seasons of MTV's "The Hills" and even appeared on "Vanderpump Rules" when she served as a bridesmaid in Scheana Shay's wedding in 2014. Jessica is actually best friends with Kendra Wilkinson of "The Girls Next Door" fame and was seen on Kendra's spin-off series "Kendra On Top" and "Kendra." Like her sister, Jessica also made an appearance on "The Hills."

Stacie appears to have mostly left her reality TV career behind, as she celebrated the birth of her second child in 2020 (per E!). Jessica is the co-owner of skincare company BB Lifestyle and the founder of the parenting site Sleepless Mom (per Authority Magazine).

His sister, Jessica Hall, is close friends with Tarek El Moussa's fiancée, Heather Rae Young

It turns out that one of Joshua Hall's sisters has a closer relationship to Christina Haack than you might expect. As reported by StyleCaster, Jessica Hall is good friends with Heather Rae Young, the fiancée of Tarek El Moussa, Christina's first ex-husband. In fact, the two are close enough to have worked together on a podcast called "Flashbacks" before former "Bachelorette" DeAnna Stagliano seemingly took her spot.

As The Sun pointed out, Heather joined "Flashbacks" in August 2020 as a co-host. She spoke about her engagement to Tarek on the first episode, but ended up leaving in February 2021 for reasons that haven't been disclosed, though The Sun has implied that Christina and Joshua's relationship could be the reason behind her decision to go. "As reports claim Christina and Joshua have already been dating 'a few months,' Heather's departure on Jessica's podcast would be right about the time their relationship began."

Joshua Hall's divorce was finalized shortly before he connected with Christina

While much has been made about the fact that Christina Haack has been married and divorced twice, less attention has been paid to the fact that Joshua Hall has also been married and divorced — and that his divorce finalized mere months before he was first linked with Haack.

The Sun noted that when Haack revealed she and Hall were dating in July 2021, numerous publications stated that the two had already been dating for a few months. The Sun also states that Hall only moved out of his home with ex-wife Chelsea Baker in February 2021. A friend told The Sun that it's been tough for Baker to watch her ex-husband's relationship with Haack so publicly. "It was a fairytale wedding and they seemed like the perfect couple," according to the source. "He ended it out of the blue and she was left heartbroken."

A second source also claimed to The Sun that the divorce was not wanted by both parties. According to the source, "All I can say is one person was left very, very hurt." Thus far, neither Baker nor Hall have commented on their divorce.