Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde September 27: Here's What That Means If You're An Earth Sign

Mercury is headed back into retrograde on September 27, which usually signifies a time of chaos and confusion for many. However, it doesn't have to be a scary event. This month, the retrograde is in the sign of Libra, which is a calming and peaceful sign that often focuses on relationships (via Refinery 29). So as Mercury heads into retrograde, regrouping and re-evaluating your close friendships, family relationships, and romances may be in order.

"Seriously, slowing down helps avoid so many of the Mercury Retrograde pitfalls," Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution says. "Reading and rereading travel itineraries, leaving extra time for transit, proofreading that proposal, and double- or triple-checking all recipients on NSFW Snaps will all majorly pay off," she said.

According to astrologer Narayana Montúfar, now may also be the time to stay quiet and guard your words carefully. "We must be careful with what we say, and most importantly, how we say it," she said. "When Mars and Mercury meet, words can feel like weapons, and around this time, we could really say something that we, later on, could regret" (via Refinery 29). 

For those born under an earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Mercury retrograde may be a time of deep reflection.

Earth signs should reflect on relationships during Mercury retrograde

Bustle notes that the Mercury retrograde on September 27 could leave many of us feeling a bit off. However, earth signs could use this time to make some big changes in their lives. If you're a Taurus, the retrograde will leave you pondering your true self. "This retrograde asks you to reflect on your identity," says astrologer McKayla McRae. "Who you are and what you want to get out of life needs to be supported by your relationships."

Those born under the sign of Virgo may want to re-evaluate their high standards for their romantic partners. Don't expect your partner to do too much, and if you're single, try to be open to a romantic connection with someone who may not be your usual type. "Expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone," McRae says.

Capricorns thrive on stability. So if you're in a relationship, be honest with yourself and your partner about your wants and needs and if they are being met. If you're currently single, this is the perfect time to think about your priorities and figure out what you really want in a relationship so that you know what to look for going forward (via Bustle).

The Mercury retrograde can actually be a time to gain closure and get clarity about some of the most important things in your life, so earth signs should be ready to take on the challenge.