Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde September 27: Here's What That Means If You're An Air Sign

If you've delved any deeper into the study of astrology than simply reading your daily sun sign horoscope, you've undoubtedly run across the concept of planets in retrograde, and of this tending to be a bad thing. What, exactly, is planetary retrograde motion? Well, for starters, it's an illusion. As explains, planets seem to be moving backwards when their orbits are closest to the earth. While the planets' actual motion does not deviate from its usual path, the appearance of their doing so is similar to when you're sitting in a parked car and the car next to you suddenly pulls out -– you may get the momentary feeling that your own car is moving backwards.

As to the influence this backwards-seeming planetary motion exerts, it simply means there's likely to be some deviation from the norm in that planet's area of influence. Mercury, the planet named for the messenger of the gods, rules over the sphere of communication. When this planet is in retrograde, something that happens three times a year says connections can be missed, messages can be garbled, and plans can fall through at the last minute. On the upside, though, Mercury allows us to flex our flexibility and hone our ability to pivot on a dime. Air signs, in particular, are already pretty resilient, so should be able to deal easily with (and perhaps even enjoy) the challenges that Mercury retrograde can bring.

How each air sign may experience the retrograde period

Mercury retrograde will run from September 27 to October 18. If you're a Gemini, you might want to make sure you're looking your best over the next three weeks! Bustle says that people from your past are likely to be reappearing in your life. Whether or not you parted on good terms, and no matter what your relationship with them might be (it could as easily be your junior high gym teacher as your ex), you'll want them to see you at your best. Be warned, however, that an old acquaintance may just be making a fly-by in your life and could soon be buzzing back out again.

Libras are usually great at communicating with others, or at least telling people what they want to hear. This is the sign of balance, harmony, and diplomacy, after all. At this retrograde time when a wayward Mercury may see even your sweetest words going astray or being misconstrued, you may do better to look inward and try to focus on your own needs for a change. 

If you're an Aquarius, Mercury retrograde could cause a recurrence of a long-forgotten passion in your life, be it for a person or a former enthusiasm. Enjoy the trip down memory lane, but don't chuck your career to get the band back together or break up with your current squeeze to rekindle things with your high school sweetie. Nostalgia is no basis for planning your future.