What Your Nipple Piercing Says About You

Piercings are one of the easiest ways to express yourself, and they're common in cultures across the globe. They can be used solely for self-expression, or they can be part of religious and cultural rituals. According to Almost Famous Piercings, lip and tongue piercings are, for example, common in many African tribes, while nipple and genital piercings have dated all the way back to Ancient India and Ancient Rome.

Nipple piercings have become increasingly popular in the West over the last few decades. In fact, they're particularly trendy in 2021. It's worth noting, though, that you may not want to pierce them if you don't have a high pain tolerance. They hurt more than a lot of other piercings, but as long as you research nipple piercings before getting one, you should be prepared for the piercing and subsequent aftercare.

What makes nipple piercings fun is that they're a statement. They're not as common as traditional ear piercings, so getting one could say some complimentary things about you. Here's exactly what having a nipple piercing says about you.

Does having a nipple piercing really make you a wildcard?

Nipple piercings are one of the most unique piercings you can get, and their meanings reflect that. According to Urban Body Jewelry, this piercing represents sensuality and exhibition because people with nipple piercings often want them to be seen. While they define nipple piercings this way, this isn't always the case, and it's also normal to only want to share them with whomever you choose.

While Urban Body Jewelry discusses more of why people want nipple piercings, Her gets into what they actually say about you. According to the outlet, if you have nipple piercings, you're the kind of person who would disappear during a night out with friends or someone who would try to smuggle drugs into a foreign country. They describe folks with nipple piercings as ones who "do nonsense things."

Her further explains that people with nipple piercings are true wildcards. They'll ghost people for months at a time before resurfacing, and when they do, they'll have new piercings and tattoos. They live their life in a constant state of chaos, according to Her.

This is in jest, of course. Anyone can proudly wear a nipple piercing — or two! — so if you're considering one, don't be scared by this analysis!