Here's Why Fans Think Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Broke Up

Another day, another rumor that "The Bachelorette" couple, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, are over — again. First, it was only a month ago that the internet was buzzing that the duo had gotten married secretly. It was even rumored they had filmed the nuptials for a reality show. But now, fans think Crawley and Moss are over, with Page Six reporting "it's for good." A source told the outlet the reality couple was at odds over major life decisions like starting a family and where to put down roots.

Adding fuel to the fire, fans are reading into a recent Moss sighting that saw the former "Bachelorette" star going to a wedding by himself, with no Crawley in sight. Us Weekly reports that at the September 19, 2021 affair, "Clare was invited as his plus one but didn't end up going." The source added about Moss that he "didn't mention why she didn't go. He was celebrating his friend's wedding and wasn't going around telling people about his own personal life."

The outlet further reports that Moss has been seen out and about sans his other half at other recent events.

Twitter is talking about Clare Crawley and Dale Moss being over

As multiple outlets report that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, who have broken up and even gotten engaged more than once, are officially done, of course Twitter is speculating about the status of their relationship, and even why they may have split this time.

"She's just wasting time instead of moving on with [his] promises or unless she can't take no for an answer," one person tweeted in response to Us Weekly's story about the reality pair no longer being together.

Another Twitter user opined, "I want Clare to get the family she wants and I've never thought Dale was going to be the one to give it to her. I hope he isn't wasting her time."

Meanwhile, one superfan shared more evidence that the couple had ended things, tweeting, "She's not following him anymore, but he's still following her."

Over on Instagram, Crawley most recently shared a photo of the two of them together two weeks ago, while Moss posted the same image, which also featured new "Bachelorette" couple Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes. Just three days ago, Moss posted a selfie for his birthday, which did not include Crawley. It did not appear that she commented on the image.