The Emotional Meaning Behind The Tattoo Drew Barrymore Got During Her Show

Just a few years ago, the idea of iconic actress Drew Barrymore fronting her own talk show would've seemed completely outlandish. And yet, Barrymore has proven to be a natural fit for the format, thanks primarily to her lovably low-key approach. 

As the former child star explained to Today, "We're all human beings on this planet going through our lives and our journeys and there's a way to connect through that." She added, "We don't have to poke. I'm not looking to mess someone over. But at the same time, I just like to go in beneath the layers. I can't stand the surface. I've never lived in that space."

Barrymore followed in the footsteps of Kelly Clarkson, who parlayed a music career into one hosting a chat show and really impressed in the process. The difference, of course, is that the "E.T." star has already lived many different lives, from growing up in the shadow of father John Barrymore to battling substance abuse and withstanding three divorces as well as juggling motherhood and all the pressures of fame alongside it. As Elaine Bauer Brooks, head of development for broadcaster CBS Television, explained, "Everyone my age has grown up with her. She lives her life in front of all of us." 

In keeping with that warts-and-all approach, Barrymore got a tattoo live on her show, and its deep meaning again signifies just how much of an open book she truly is.

Drew Barrymore's new tattoo is a tribute to her kids

Actress Drew Barrymore opted to get some brand-new ink during an episode of her eponymous talk show, explaining that the phrase "home is where we are" is hugely significant. "I've been saying it to myself for the last five years," she said (via YouTube). "If you're somewhere on holiday, or you're in a rental, or you're in transition, or you have to move from one state to the next — if you're together, that's where home is." 

The new design, done in cursive, sits on her forearm between an artistic scribble of a bird and the names of her two daughters, Olive and Frankie. In a follow-up video, shared on Instagram, a visibly emotional Barrymore admitted, "I never knew what home was until I had my daughters." 

Referencing the various upheavals in her life over the years, the former child star revealed, "I thought, 'I'm gonna make us a home that will be forever and so strong,' and then life changed and our plans changed." Barrymore acknowledged that, when they were shuffling between different rental properties and she didn't know what the future held, "It really led to the discovery of what home really means for me — and that is if we are together, wherever we are, home is where we are." 

This latest tattoo serves as a constant reminder that, no matter where they end up, Barrymore and her girls always have each other.