This Is What You Need To Know About Your Saturn Return

Even if you've only dabbled in astrology, you've likely heard of the ominous Saturn return. This transit occurs every 29 years or so and brings with it serious change, breakthroughs, and shifts. That's why many people end up getting married, buying a new house, embarking on a new career venture, or experiencing a big change in their late 20s — Saturn is at work.

Often referred to as the teacher of the zodiac, Saturn helps you get things done and also brings about your greatest lessons that you're here to learn. When this planet comes back around to the station it was at when you were born, it's time for a massive life review. According to Cosmopolitan, Saturn rules karma (your lessons in this case), authority, duty, and structure. Essentially, this is the planet of deep work — the work that you specifically need to fulfill your purpose. The official length of the transit spans between 27 to 29.5 years, making these years of your life pivotal experiences.

Basically, this is the time when we grow up. With Saturn directly on your side, you'll likely have moments that test your faith, strengthen your resolve, and help shape you into the person you want to become. While many people fear this transit, it can actually give a huge gift on the other side. Plus, you'll be working with the lessons you learn during your Saturn return for the rest of your life — the first experience just gets the ball rolling.

Saturn return comes hand in hand with big life moments

Even though Saturn return is typically associated with upheaval, these shifts are ultimately a good thing. Cosmopolitan explains that the shake-ups often lead to incredible gifts and a deeper understanding of yourself. Like anything in life, sometimes the road to a great place has to be intense. The outlet notes that this period of time can have you evaluating your friendships, monetary goals, family life, career, and relationship. Anything that isn't aligned with your highest good will likely fall away or become a challenge during this time. Remember, it's ultimately going to help you, it just may have some growing pains associated with it.

To find out what specific things you're likely to work on during your Saturn return, consult your birth chart to see where Saturn was in the sky when you were born. Depending on the sign it was in, Saturn will be helping you in that area of your life. 

Your Saturn return experience depends on your natal chart

Mindbodygreen breaks it down by element, noting that if Saturn is in a water sign in your chart, you'll mature emotionally during this transit. For Earth sign transits, you'll likely learn how to be the leader you came here to be. Those with Saturn in a fire sign may experience a slowing down of sorts to find a place of balance. Finally, Saturn return can be all about sticking to a set plan and getting clear for those with Saturn in air signs.

Check your chart to find the specific area that the planet will be guiding you through. Even if you've already had your Saturn return, you can start to connect the dots of the experiences you've had since that time in your life and how you can continue to grow. For an even more in-depth reading on what Saturn has in store for you, meet with a professional astrologer to get some support while navigating your biggest life lessons.

Saturn can be your friend despite the challenges it may bring throughout your life. Chances are, if you show up for those lessons, you'll be amazed and proud of what you find on the other side.