The Truth About Sam Schultz From LuLaRich

Imagine a life where your aunt starts a clothing business out of the trunk of her car and it spirals out of control into a multi-billion dollar company seemingly overnight, leaving you the opportunity to live a life you only dreamed of. Think lights, stars, music, private jets, and parties hosted by you, with adoring women screaming for your attention. That's exactly what happened to Sam Schultz, the LuLaRoe events manager, who at one time managed to book Katy Perry for one $5 million night where she performed for a venue full of suburban moms who all thought their fortunes would be made with buttery-soft magic leggings they could sell right out of their homes.

In the new Amazon Prime docuseries, "LuLaRich," Schultz describes his time with LuLaRoe, the multi-level marketing company that's been accused of being a pyramid scheme in countless lawsuits since 2016 (via Esquire).

Sam Schultz was a LuLaRoe celebrity

Sam Schultz is certainly one of the more entertaining members of the LuLaRoe family in the docuseries, "LuLaRich." He is certainly blunt about Mark and DeAnne Stidham, LuLaRoe's founders, and how they may have not been ready for the company's growth. Later in "LuLaRich," Schultz's aunt, DeAnne, stated in a recorded deposition she and her husband were giving, as the state of Washington sued them, that she barely knew Schultz. The Washington state case was settled in February 2021, according to BuzzFeed News.

Despite his aunt wanting to distance herself from him, Schultz was officially LuLaRoe's events manager from 2015 until 2017 when he suddenly left the company, according to Blurred Reality. As he stated in "LuLaRich," he was given an unlimited budget to work with, so he provided the best of entertainment he could find, including the aforementioned Katy Perry. Schultz was on hand to emcee events at LuLaRoe conventions and became a favorite of the thousands of retailers who made their way to different states across the U.S. to join in on the cult-like community LuLaRoe offered.

Sam Schultz has been in trouble with the law before

While DeAnne Stidham wanted to make it clear in her Washington state deposition that she no longer had much to do with her nephew Sam Schultz, legally, she made sure that happened. According to Blurred Reality, LuLaRoe's legal team presented Schultz with a cease and desist order explicitly saying he could no longer have contact with his aunt.

Aside from working for LuLaRoe, Schultz once made a living as a musician in Utah and even found work with another multi-level marketing company selling women's clothing called Piphany. Then, he got in trouble with the law and in 2019 was charged with 26 felony counts, including theft by deception. It seems Schultz tried to get people to invest in a marijuana farm business that didn't really exist. Schultz eventually claimed that he was scammed himself and invested some of his own cash before realizing there was no such farm. As of this writing, Schultz's case is still pending, but he could face prison time if he's convicted (via Blurred Reality).