Inside Krysten Ritter's Split From Adam Granduciel

It appears as though the magic has faded for "Jessica Jones" star Krysten Ritter and her partner, Adam Granduciel, the lead singer and creator of indie rock band War on Drugs. On Wednesday, InTouch Weekly published a report in which a source close to the couple revealed that they had recently ended their seven-year relationship.

The romance between the pair was first documented by Us Weekly in August 2014. A source close to the couple revealed that the couple's relationship began with Ritter becoming a groupie of sorts. "It started with her being a fan of the band and then somehow she got in touch with him and went to some shows," the source told Us Weekly in 2014. "They're having fun and spending some quality days in New York."

In July 2019, Ritter gave birth to the couple's only son, Bruce Julian Knight. From the moment he was born, both parents immediately fell in love with their son. "I had no idea that I would get to be a kid again myself," Ritter told HollywoodLife in September 2020, per Daily Mail. "Getting to see the world through his eyes and find joy in playing with toys and things like dancing to 'Baby Shark,' getting dressed up for Halloween is the best!" For his part, Granduciel told Pitchfork earlier this month that his son was already interested in learning how to use the musical equipment he kept in their home.

The couple has drifted apart over the years

In the report of their split published by InTouch Weekly, a source close to the couple told the publication that the couple had simply drifted apart. According to the source, Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel "remain on amicable terms" and will continue to co-parent their only son, Bruce Julian Knight. Despite the fact that they were together for seven years, the couple was never married. Ritter had always been honest about the fact that she was not crazy about the idea of marriage. "I was never the little girl who dreamed about a wedding or a big white dress," Ritter said during a 2012 interview with Playboy. "It was never my thing, but I don't think I'm sour on marriage. I just don't know if I'm the type. Marriage seems scary to me."

This news of the couple's relationship might be false, though, as another source close to the couple has since refuted the claim that they are no longer together, according to In Touch Weekly. Just last week, in an interview with Pitchfork about War on Drugs' latest album, Ritter was identified as Granduciel's partner. At this point, the couple has yet to confirm or deny the rumors of their split.