The Truth About Christina Haack's Relationship With Joshua Hall

Christina Haack has sure had an interesting 2021, from purchasing two new homes — a luxurious, modern, oceanfront pad in Newport Beach, California, and a vacation home in Tennessee — to engaging in a whirlwind new romance after her 2020 separation and 2021 divorce from Ant Anstead. While Haack's fans and followers were a little surprised to see her fall head over heels so quickly for a new man, she wants it known that her relationship with Joshua Hall is the real deal.

By now, we all know a bit about Hall: He's a former cop-turned-realtor from Southern California who now calls Austin, Texas, home, so, between their California hometowns, their newfound love of country living, and their respective industries, the two have a ton in common, which Haack refers to as their "synchronicities" (per Instagram). Let's dive in and put all the pieces together to learn the truth about Christina Haack's relationship with Joshua Hall.

This is how Christina Haack and Joshua Hall met

Considering that Joshua Hall lives in Austin, Texas, per his Spyglass Realty bio, you may have wondered just how did he meet the Southern California and Tennessee-based star in the first place? Their story actually makes a ton of sense once you put the pieces together. Interestingly, a source told Us Weekly that the two originally met "a few years ago at a real estate conference" while Christina Haack was in a relationship with Ant Anstead.

However, it wasn't until after her 2021 split with Anstead, according to the source, that the two "reconnected" in Tennessee in the spring. We did a little digging into Haack's Instagram to find that she was, in fact, spending time in Tennessee in April 2021, which might have been around the time she got together with Hall. 

Now Haack's early September Instagram post makes sense — in the post, she wrote "where it all began" followed by lock, key, and heart emojis, alongside a photo of Hall holding his new flame in front of her modern farmhouse in Tennessee. While it's not exactly clear just how the two reconnected several years after their first meeting, the pieces of their relationship timeline are starting to fall into place.

Christina Haack was in a healthy place when she met Joshua Hall

If you know anything about Christina Haack, you know that wellness and spirituality is a big part of her life. In fact, in the weeks and months following her separation from Ant Anstead, the HGTV designer has shared a lot about her focus on herself and her own personal growth. 

In a post she shared to Instagram on July 8, Haack disclosed that, prior to meeting Joshua Hall, she had taken a break from social media, worked with a spiritual coach, and — probably the most unexpected of all — "smoked a Bufo toad," which, according to Haack, "basically reset my brain and kicked out years of anxiety in 15 mins." Pretty powerful stuff it sounds like, we have to say.

In the detailed post, Haack also explained how, when she met Hall, she was in the right mindset — she "wasn't in a state of fear or fight-or-flight," as she described. Haack also explained how she's living life on her own terms, announcing that she's "38" and will "do what I want."

Did Joshua Hall meet Christina Haack through Tarek El Moussa's fiancée, Heather Rae Young?

We know that Christina Haack first met Joshua Hall through an industry conference and that they later reconnected in Tennessee. But, interestingly, as noted by The U.S. Sun, Hall has a surprising connection to Haack's ex-husband and "Flip or Flop" co-star Tarek El Moussa and his fiancée, Heather Rae Young. In fact, Hall's sister, Jessica, is actually a close friend of Young's, leading some to wonder whether this played any role in his meeting the HGTV star. In fact, Young even hosted a podcast with Jessica called "Flashbacks" until February 2021.

It turns out, though, according to the publication, that it's just a coincidence. As Young confirmed to People, "it's just a fluke" that her fiancé's ex-wife and her good friend's brother are dating. "My girlfriend Jessica," she said, "we've been friends for like over 10 years ... You know, it was nothing that was planned. It just happened." It's a very small world.

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall kept the early days of their relationship private

HGTV star Christina Haack has experienced the ups and downs of life in the public eye. In fact, she even hinted in a lengthy post to Instagram that the "false narratives" and the media's need for "dirt and drama" may have even played a role in the demise of her marriages. She noted that the media "turn[s] new relationships into a circus," explaining that this is what often leads to Hollywood couple breakups.

Haack also shared in the post how she's worked to keep her new relationship private. "I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit," she explained, adding that she and Hall enjoyed months of just being able to connect and that she "loved every second of it."

The couple is clearly no longer dating in private anymore. However, since Haack let the world in on her relationship, she has taken steps on social media to minimize the intrusion. "I normally turn off comments with Josh and will continue to do so," she admitted in another post. "I don't want to waste any mins of my life blocking negative people." We so agree!

The timing of Haack's new relationship comes shortly after her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, also revealed, per Us Weekly, he was in a relationship — with Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger.

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall got together shortly after their divorces

We've already explained that Christina Haack and Joshua Hall have a lot in common. Well, yet another commonality they share is that they both experienced divorces shortly before they got together. So, while much attention has been given to Haack's new romance coming about just before her divorce from Ant Anstead was finalized (via USA Today), it turns out that her partner found himself in the same place.

According to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun, Hall only finalized his divorce from his now-ex-wife, Chelsea Baker, in May of 2021, after initially moving out of the Austin, Texas, home he shared with Baker in February and initially filing in March. As for Haack, her divorce was finalized in June 2021.

According to The U.S. Sun, Hall and Baker married in August 2016, and, according to a source, "the split was not amicable," leaving "one person ... very, very hurt." Sources also confirmed that Baker, who stayed in Texas after their breakup, had no connection to Haack prior to the divorce.

They've spent time with each other's families

If Christina Haack is as serious with new beau Joshua Hall as she claims to be, it only makes sense that she's introduced him to her kids, Taylor and Brayden, whom she shares with ex-husband and "Flip or Flop" co-star Tarek El Moussa, and her youngest, Hudson, whom she shares with her ex Ant Anstead.

While divorce is never easy on kids, it's great to see that they've already spent quality time together bonding as a family. As evidenced by a photo that Haack shared to Instagram on August 23, 2021, she and Joshua took a short, 24-hour getaway to nearby Las Vegas along with her "big kids," Taylor and Brayden, which included a "wave pool," an "aquarium," and a "steak dinner." In the pic, the couple is seen smiling alongside the kids at a restaurant.

And, in late July 2021, People noted that Hall joined Haack and kids Taylor, Brayden, and Hudson for a fun beach day. According to the publication, Haack shared a video to her Instagram Stories which showed Hall "hand-in-hand" with Brayden. Just a week earlier, Haack was seen posing on a boat alongside her new man and his mom. Alongside the photo she shared to Instagram on August 15, she wrote, "Boat day with friends, my man and his pretty mama." We love to see all this quality time they're spending together!

Rumors began to circulate that the two had gotten engaged

As mentioned, Christina Haack first publicly announced her relationship with Joshua Hall in July 2021, as noted by Us Weekly. And, not too long after this came rumors of a possible engagement. On September 15, Page Six exclusively revealed photos they obtained of the couple "hanging out on a balcony in San Diego." In said photos, Haack is seen "resting her left hand on the ledge," showing off a sparkly diamond ring.

However, this isn't the first time that the couple has made headlines for a possible engagement. Just one month earlier, Haack was seen displaying "a massive rock on her left ring finger" while out boating with Hall and his mom in Southern California. According to TMZ, Haack must have realized her faux pas and "quickly deleted" the revealing photo from her Instagram account, before replacing it with a similar pic without a ring visible.

Joshua Hall picked out a custom five-carat diamond ring for Christina Haack

As we now know, Christina Haack made her engagement known in September 2021, just a short time after the rumors first surfaced. She subtly made the official announcement in a post to Instagram on September 20. Haack shared a set of photos of the happy couple smiling and embracing in Los Cabos, Mexico, along with a caption of emojis that included a heart, a lock, a key, and a diamond ring — clearly indicating the progression of their relationship. In the second photo, the two are seen kissing by a beachside table for two. And, in the third, Haack provided a glimpse of her gorgeous diamond engagement ring, which we've got all the details about.

As E! News exclusively reported, Haack's fiancé "hand-picked" the five-carat, radiant-cut diamond and platinum engagement ring, worth approximately $200,000, from jeweler Benny Hayoun, owner of Benny and the Gems.

Hayoun told E! News that "[Hall] knew exactly what [Haack] wanted," and that "he wanted the perfect diamond for her." The custom-made ring, designed with "raw metal instead of in a lab," which Hall had requested, took five days to prepare, noted the jeweler, adding, "He wanted it to be sentimental in that way."

The happy couple loves to travel together

Since Christina Haack began openly sharing her relationship with Joshua Hall, it's clear that the two enjoy traveling together. In early July 2021, People shared Haack's new relationship, and, shortly after, spotted the couple at Los Angeles International Airport en route to an undisclosed location for a romantic getaway to celebrate Haack's 38th birthday. "They recently started dating each other and it was an immediate, real connection," an inside source told People of their relationship. "They've enjoyed getting to know each other one-on-one without outside noise."

A month later, the couple was joined by Christina Haack's children Taylor and Brayden for a quick getaway to Las Vegas, per Instagram. And, in September, the couple traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico, for yet another romantic getaway. One thing's for sure: This is one couple who loves to explore. We can't wait to see where they head next!

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall are protective over one another

When you're in a loving relationship, it's pretty common to be protective of one another. Christina Haack has specifically commented on this aspect of her relationship with fiancé Joshua Hall. 

Considering that Hall is a former California police officer who retired early from the force because of on-the-job injuries, we can see why Haack feels particularly protected by her new man. In his Spyglass Realty bio, Hall explains that he became a cop when he "realized my passion was to help others" and that he "took great pride in helping people with everyday difficulties and putting them at ease." And, in a post Haack shared to Instagram, she wrote that Hall "give[s] me that teenage kinda love vibe and manly protection ... a combo for a lifetime of happiness [and] success."

The HGTV star does not only feel protected by Hall, she also feels protective of him, especially when it comes to the media, since he doesn't have a career in the public eye. In a July 2021 post to Instagram, alongside a photo of the two overlooking the water, she described their early relationship, writing, "I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself." We have to say, we can't really blame her.

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall share a love of dogs

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall not only share a love of travel, but they also share a love for man's best friend! Yes, the two love their canine companions. Haack is a dog mom to a French bulldog named Cash and a Rottweiler named Biggie, per People. As for Hall, he walked away from his divorce with his dog, Stella, that he formerly shared with his now-ex-wife, as noted by The U.S. Sun. And, as People noted, Haack has shown off multiple photos to Instagram of her new love joining her and the kids at their Newport Beach, California, home along with their dogs.

In addition to taking care of his own dogs, Hall, a former cop, helps other dogs in distress by "flying to rescue puppers from kill shelters," as he says in his real estate bio. Protecting both humans and furry friends? This one's definitely a keeper.